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He was jailed for killing her daughter.

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A year-old high school drop-out, he was with idxho group of teenagers known as the River Rats. They were a familiar sight in Idaho Falls, and would spend entire summers joking and drinking by the water's edge.

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Word of the killing had spread quickly, from the worshippers in the glistening Mormon temple to the inhabitants of the myriad one-storey wooden houses, and eventually down to the boat docks, where the River Rats spoke in hushed tones. They knew Angie Dodge well: she was resl regular down at the river.

Who could have done this? And why would they target Angie? In a small town like Idaho Falls, where crime was low and everyone knew one another by name, the icaho of a teenage girl was unheard of.

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But for Tapp, who was drifting between jobs, the murder simply marked another talking point in a long and aimless summer. The department, which was not accustomed to investigating such a complex and high-profile homicide, appeared overwhelmed by the case. Six months after Angie's killing there were still no clear le and frustration was starting to build.

These detectives are street cops that have been promoted. Where do we go? Virls little came of this, she took to patrolling the streets until the early hours and asking anyone who would listen if they had information about her daughter's death.

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Niki Chan Wylie They would just laugh at me. They called me a crazy grieving mother. Carol Dodge Dodge would often barge into the local police station unannounced and demand to know what the department was doing to find Angie's killer. This was not always welcome.

The rear door of the building was jokingly renamed the 'Carol door' by officers due to her frequent guest appearances. The press headlines, too, remained critical of the police department. Months went by until one man was dragged into their investigation.

In neighbouring Nevada, Christopher Tapp's best friend, Benjamin Hobbs, was arrested for raping a woman at knifepoint. Investigators thought this crime resembled the on of Angie. Hobbs, who was from Idaho Falls and knew her well, became their one suspect. The police tried to build a case around him and Tapp was asked to come in for questioning. I can't help you. I have no idea what you guys are talking about'," Tapp said.

He told them he had been with a girl on the night Angie was murdered. But the detectives, who had initially just wanted to ask him about Hobbs, came to believe both men had been involved in the killing. They wanted to see if Tapp had any information implicating his friend, although Tapp continued to deny all knowledge of the crime. Tapp trusted the police officers - one of idxho had worked at his high school - and so he continued to co-operate. Over three weeks, he was interrogated nine times and diaho to take seven lie detector tests.

His lawyers would later say that he spent more than hours under intense police questioning. Video of those interrogations show an exhausted Tapp, his boyish face in his hands, crying and girlls able to speak. I was just broken and confused and scared. I just wanted Ayn get away from them. When he continued to deny all knowledge of the crime he was told by a polygraph examiner he was failing the tests.

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He told investigators what he thought they wanted to hear. He said Hobbs had murdered Dodge. Then, after further polygraphs and interrogations, and after one detective threatened him with the "gas chamber", he said idsho had been in the apartment with Hobbs when Angie was killed. He told six different stories. But there was a problem.

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DNA tests on Tapp and Hobbs came back negative - it was not their semen at the crime scene. The detectives, now on the back foot, suggested a third man may have been involved. The detectives claimed Tapp had been untruthful and voided his immunity agreement completely. During a polygraph test on 30 JanuaryTapp denied eight times that he had stabbed Angie Dodge.

The police told him he was facing the death penalty and could get a more lenient sentence if he said he had feared for his life during the attack. Tapp was told he needed to admit this to save his life. Detective: If you were forced to do it in fear of your own life, that's a different story. We could go with a different charge rather than life imprisonment or death. I'm a cop, I shouldn't be saying this, but I'm kinda close to you. You gotta save your life, period.

You got forced into doing something you didn't want to do. Protect your own ass. You got trapped. Tapp: Alright.

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Detective: Did Ben Hobbs force you to cut Angie Dodge across the right breast with a knife or he said he would kill you? Tapp: Yes. After this apparent admission, Tapp asked how he had performed and the detective shook his hand. Hobbs and Sargis were both released, but Tapp, to his surprise, and despite the fact that no physical evidence linked him to the scene, was charged with murder and rape. It was heartbreaking.

I knew that this might be the end. Tapp, who arrived wearing a baggy navy blue suit and matching tie, maintained his innocence throughout. He said his confession was coerced and his DNA test proved he wasn't the killer. Christopher Tapp The defence tried to get Tapp's confession thrown out, but the judge refused and it was admitted as evidence.

As well as the confession, the police introduced the testimony of a young woman named Destiny Osborne who said she had heard Tapp talking about the killing at a party. | idaho's leader in online high school sports information

She would later retract this statement and allege that the police had pressured her to testify. It took the jury a little more than 13 hours to find Tapp guilty of first-degree murder, rape, and the use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony. When the unanimous verdict was read out, Tapp fell to his chair and held his head in his hands.

I don't think they idsho to find him guilty, but there was nothing in the trial that proved he was ral.

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She stormed out after the verdict and threw her hands into the air in frustration as she passed rows of cameras and reporters. After all, there was no physical evidence linking Tapp to the scene and he didn't match the DNA found on her daughter's body. I couldn't understand why he wouldn't just give us the name. Tapp, meanwhile, spent years in a maximum-security jail, first in Kuna, Idaho, and then in Texas, and had little hope of getting out. His lawyers filed appeals based on different aspects of his trial but none was successful.

The case came to a standstill: Dodge was desperate to find the DNA match and Tapp was desperate to get out of prison.

The autopsy of Ethan Anderson determined that the boy died because of the fire, though he also had skeletal fractures that could have been caused by events during the day of the murders. The car's plates had been removed and brush was used to hide the vehicle. January 17, — August 10,[5] age 40, was a telecommunications technician in San Diego. The friend said the elder DiMaggio, who was accused of attempting to kidnap the year-old daughter of an ex-girlfriend incommitted suicide on August 10,though public records indicate that his suicide was instead committed on August 10, Brett called the suggestion "disgusting" and an Anderson family spokeswoman said DiMaggio had not met Christina until she was six months pregnant with Hannah.