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The synopsis below may give away important plot points.

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Wade tells him that Stan Grossman has looked at the parking lot deal and he says it's "pretty sweet.

They schedule a meeting for pm that afternoon. He makes his way to eiego dealership's large service garage to seek out a burly Native American mechanic, named Shep Proudfoot Steve Reevis. A man of few words, Shep is apparently the middleman who set up Jerry's earlier meeting with Carl and Gaear. Surprisingly, Shep does not know who Carl is. He tells Jerry he'll only vouch for Grimsrud, not Carl.

Regardless, Jerry tells him that's fine, but was just wondering if there was an alternate phone to reach Carl and Gaear. Shep casually tells Jerry that he can't help him anymore, for he has no other means to get in contact with Gaear or Carl. Jerry is visibly nervous.

In the next scene, Carl and Gaear are Blonfe and the skyline xan the Twin Cities is visible. Carl chats mindlessly to Gaear and asks him if he's ever been to the Twin Cities, to which Gaear responds with a short "nope. He asks Gaear how much he'd like it if he stopped talking. Meanwhile, Jerry is sitting in his office at the car dealership talking on the phone. On the other end is a man named Reilly Diefenbach voice of Warren Keith from the banking loan company GMAC who tells Jerry that he can't read the serial s of a list of vehicles on a financing document Jerry sent by fax some time ago.

Jerry is elusive, telling him there's no problem since the loans are in place already. Jerry clearly tries to get the man off the phone as quickly as he can while still being vague about the particulars. Jerry tells him that he'll fax him another copy. The man tells him a fax copy is no good, because he can't read the serial s of the cars from the fax he already has.

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Jerry tells him he'll send him another one as soon as possible and then hangs up. Note: San is highly implied at this point that Jerry is secretly embezzling money from the car dealership bank s either for personal use or to pay off more anonymous debts. At the Lundegaards' house, at about the same time Jerry is on the phone, Jean sits alone watching a morning TV show. She hears a noise and looks up at the sliding-glass door in the escort just as Carl comes up the steps to the back deck, wearing a ski mask and holding a crowbar.

He peers through the window as if looking for someone, steps back, and smashes the glass door with the bar. Jean screams and tries to run for the front door, but Gaear suddenly barges in through the front door, also wearing a ski mask. He grabs her wrist and she bites his hand. She runs up the stairs as Carl enters. Gaear lifts up his mask, looks at the bite, and tells Carl he needs unguent. Jean takes a phone into the second floor bathroom and locks herself in, trying desperately diego call The cord is under the door.

Carl and Gaear yank the phone out of her hands blonde she can finish dialing.

Bloonde The door frame starts to break as Carl uses the crowbar to get through. Sobbing hysterically, she frantically tries to pry the screen off the second-story window to escape before the men get in. The door busts open, and the two men stand there looking at an empty bathroom, the window open. Carl runs to go outside to look for her, and Gaear raids the medicine cabinet for some salve. As he is about to put it on his hand, he looks up into the mirror and sees the shower curtain drawn on the tub.

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He pauses for a moment and realizes where Jean is. Jean, hiding in the tub, begins thrashing and screaming and takes off, blindly hurtling through the bathroom and down the hall. She runs screaming, trying to throw off the curtain, and she trips and falls down the flight of stairs and lands hard at the bottom. Gaear calmly follows her down the stairs and nudges her body to see if she is alive.

At the p.

San diego blonde escorts

They ask him what kind of finder's fee he is looking for. Jerry seems confused and tells Stan and Wade that they would be lending all the money to him to proceed esccort building the parking lot. Jerry insists that Wade and Stan give him Bponde of the grand and he will pay them back the principal and interest when the deal starts escogt, but Wade and Stan insist on running the deal themselves.

Jerry desperately guarantees them their money back if they let Jerry run the deal and let him have all the money, but both Wade and Stan say they are not interested and that they would like to move on the deal independently. Jerry goes out to his car alone and vents his rage and frustration with the ice scraper on his frozen windshield.

Jerry walks into his house later that day. He surveys his empty house, where there are obvious s of a struggle during the kidnapping.

He practices the fake desperate and sad phone call he will make to her father. Later that night, Carl and Gaear are driving with the sobbing Jean, now covered with a blanket in the back seat of the car. They pass a huge statue of Paul Bunyan and the welcome for Brainerd. Gaear, smoking and looking out the window as usual, is annoyed by Jean's whimpering and tells her to shut up or he'll throw her in the trunk.

Gaear gives him a hard, cold stare and turns away. It is then that a Minnesota State Police cruiser behind them flips on its lights and pulls them over. Carl realizes they're being stopped because he failed to put temporary vehicle registration tags on the car, and he tells Gaear he'll take care of it. He tells Jean to keep quiet or they'll shoot her.

Gaear stares at him expressionlessly. The trooper approaches Carl's window and asks for a driver's and registration. Carl gives the trooper his driver'sbut does Blodne have the car's vehicle registration or insurance. He then tries unsuccessfully to coolly bribe the trooper, who tells him to step out of the car.

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Nervously, Carl hesitates, and Jean makes a noise in the back seat. The trooper points his flashlight at Jean. Quickly, Gaear reaches across Carl, grabs the trooper's hair, slams his head onto the door, pulls a pistol from the glove box, and shoots him in the head, blowing his brains out. Carl sits stunned, the trooper's blood having splattered across his face, and an angry Gaear tells him to ditch the body.

As Carl lifts the dead trooper by the arms, a pair of headlights starts towards them down the highway. He freezes in the lights, holding the obviously dead man in his arms by the police car. The two people in the car Blonfe as they pass.

Gaear quickly climbs into the driver's seat and takes off after Blonxe other car. He is briefly rscort when its tail lights vanish in the dark, but quickly spots the car turned over in the snow on the roide. Gaear stops and jumps out of the car. The xiego is limping and trying to run across the snowy field. Gaear fires once, striking the man in the back.

He falls face-first and dies. Gaear then walks over to the upside down car and looks inside, where a young woman is lying awkwardly in her upside-down seat. He leans back, aims his pistol, and the screen cuts to black as he shoots her. As she gets out of bed we see she is very pregnant. Norm makes her some breakfast before she goes out to the scene of the shooting. That morning, Marge arrives at the scene of the overturned car driven by the collateral shooting victims.

Marge is observant and quick-working, and she determines from the size of the footprints that the shooter was a heavyset individual. She surmises the events we've already seen - the trooper pulled over a motorist for a traffic violation, said motorist shot him. The second car came driving past, and the shooter, realizing they'd seen him, chased them down and shot them. Marge then looks at the trooper's unit, parked several hundred yards up the road and sees a set of smaller prints by the trooper's body, lying in the snow by the roide.

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Here, Marge deduces that a second, smaller man was involved. From the fact that the trooper's car's lights were turned off, Marge deduces that the accomplice was warming up in the cruiser while the heavy person was chasing down the two escoft. As Marge and the other officer, Lou Bruce Bohnedrive away, Lou notes that the trooper's notebook was lying djego the floor of his car, which the killers apparently overlooked, and ecort find their first clue: the officer had partially filled out a ticket at am for a tan Cutlass Ciera with a plate starting with DLR.

Marge realizes that this is not the beginning of a platebut an abbreviation of the word "dealer" which is an indication that the car was stopped because it had dealer plates that hadn't been changed yet. Jerry tells them that the kidnappers called him and expressly told him not to call the cops. Wade is angry and insists on calling the police.

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As a surprise to Jerry, Stan sides with Jerry and says they should not call the police or negotiate with the kidnappers and that they should give them the ransom. Jerry also says he needs the money ready by tomorrow. Stan offers to stay with Jerry and lBonde for a phone call from the kidnappers, but Jerry tells him the men said they'd deal only with him. Stan asks Jerry if Scotty will be okay. It seems to suddenly dawn on Jerry that this will affect his son, and he seems visibly upset or at least surprised that he had never thought about his scheme edcort Scotty before.

At home, Jerry tells Scotty about the kidnapping, and the boy cries and asks if Jean will be okay. Jerry nods and doesn't offer much comfort. He tells the boy that if anyone calls for Jean, he should just say she is visiting relatives in Florida. That afternoon, Carl and Gaear pull up to a cabin by a lake, and Gaear opens the back door to guide Jean inside.

She is hooded and tied at the wrists. Jean squeals and tries to run away; Gaear reaches to catch her, but Carl stops him and watches her running blindly in the snow, laughing hysterically. She falls, and Carl laughs hysterically. Gaear, staring expressionlessly, goes to get her.

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Downtown in Brainerd, Marge goes to the police station to eat lunch, and her husband Norm is waiting there for her with food from Arby's. As they eat, Lou pokes his head into Marge's office and tells her that the night before the shootings, two men checked into the Blue Ox Motel with a tan Ciera with dealer plates; apparently, "they had company. The two ditsy women, whom work as strippers at the bar during the evening hours, are not very helpful in describing the two men. The first one describes Carl, the "little fella," as funny-looking, and the other describes Gaear, the "big fella", as an older man who didn't talk much but smoked a lot.

The women tell Marge that the men told them that they were headed to the Twin Cities.

In the cabin, Carl is banging the top of the staticky TV, cursing at it. Jean is tied to a chair, the hood covering her head and her cold breath steaming through the fabric. Gaear sits with the same emotionless expression, watching silently as Carl screams and bangs on the TV, trying to improve the reception.

Late at night at the Gundersons' house, they turn off the TV to go to sleep. The phone rings for Marge, and it's Mike Yanagita Steve Park calling; apparently an old acquaintance of hers from high school, he tells her that he's in the Twin Cities and that he saw her on the news in the story about the triple homicide in Brainerd.

Marge makes brief but polite conversation as the man chatters. The next morning, Jerry is half-heartedly selling a car as he gets a phone call from Carl in his office.

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Carl tells him that he will be arriving tomorrow to pick up the ransom, but demands more money so he and Gaear can leave the country because of the shootings. As soon as Carl hangs up, Jerry gets another phone call from the man at GMAC, telling him he never received the serial s for the vehicles in the mail as Jerry told him the day.

Jerry, again being elusive about the subject, maintains that the documents are still in the mail. The man at GMAC sternly tells Jerry that he will refer sn matter of Bloned ing irregularities to the company's legal department if he doesn't get the VIN s of the vehicles by the close of business the very next day. After the man saan GMAC hangs up, Jerry flies into a rage as he realizes that his control over the situation is fading fast. In Brainerd, Marge and Norm sit in a buffet restaurant eating lunch together.

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An officer comes in with some papers, and tells Marge he found phone s from two phone calls that were made that night from the room at Blue Ox Motel escort the killers stayed, both to Minneapolis. The first one was to a trucking company, and another to the residence of Shep Proudfoot. Marge tells the officer and Norm diego she'll take a drive down to Minneapolis to investigate.

At night at the Lundegaards' house, Jerry, Wade, and Stan are sitting blonde the kitchen table. Wade clearly distrustful san Jerry says that if he can't deliver it, he'll go to the authorities. The next day, Carl leaves Gaear behind at the lakeside cabin to look after Jean, while he drives alone to Minneapolis to pick up the ransom money. Carl first drives to the Minneapolis airport. He drives the tan Ciera up to the roof of the parking garage and steals a Minnesota plate off another snow-covered car so he can replace the dealer tags to prevent him from being pulled over by the police again.

At the exit booth of the garage, he tells the attendant that he has decided not to park there and that he doesn't want to pay. The friendly man explains that there's a flat four dollar fee. Carl doesn't want to pay, but the polite parking attendant insists that he pay.

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Carl gets upset and insults him by saying: "I guess you think, you know, you're an authority figure, with that stupid fucking uniform. Huh, buddy? However, he gives him the money anyway and drives off. At the dan garage, Jerry goes to talk to Shep only to find Marge questioning him. Marge is questioning Shep about the escirt call made escorrt him from the Blue Ox Motel a few nights ago by one of the suspects of the three murders in her town.

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