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Dating distributed matures looking for sex i

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The opposite of amortisation.

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The opposite of amortisation. Includes both direct costs such as commission payments and indirect costs such as product development and advertising. Actuarial techniques are used to de new insurance products and to assess Dzting profitability of new and existing business. ANNUITY A regular payment from an insurance company made for an agreed period of time usually up to the death of the recipient in return for either a cash lump sum or a series of premiums which the policyholder has paid to the insurance company during their working lifetime.

Usually divided into four types: fixed e. In the life insurance business, when calculating the level of reserves required assumptions are made about the future outcome of events. These could include average life expectancy and policy surrender rates. These assumptions are then applied to the data, compiled from the business written, to project expected outcomes.

AUDITOR A firm of ants who check "audit" a company's and Group financial statements and provide an opinion on the appropriateness of the financial statements. This is also referred to as the statement of financial provisions. BOND Typically a certificate of debt issued by a government or company in return for a loan from an investor. Bonds are sometimes known as fixed income securities, as they often have a fixed rate of interest and a predetermined repayment date or call date.

BUY BACK The purchase by a listed company of its own shares either through purchases in the open market or through making an offer to all shareholders to repurchase their shares. It is a term commonly used to refer to the institutional investors in South Africa. It is mostly driven by the capital required to absorb investment risk, ie a fall in the value of investments of the business, and generally exceeds the level of capital required by the South African regulator which is called the "Statutory Capital Adequacy Requirement".

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Thousands of organisations from across the world's major economies measure and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions, water use and climate-change strategies through CDP. Corporations are rated and the information helps investors, corporations and regulators to make more informed decisions. An increase in global atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide has been linked to climate change.


All FTSE listed companies are required to report their corporate carbon emissions. The cash flow statement records the amounts of cash and cash equivalents entering and leaving a company and allows users to understand the ability of the company to generate cash and how that cash is being spent. Cash flows are presented in terms of operating, financing and investing activities.

The earnings from the assets in the business are calculated using risk-free reference rates, before tax and investment management expenses. All cash flows are discounted using risk-free reference rates, which are gross of tax and investment management expenses. CLAIM Notification to an insurance company of a call by a policyholder to the benefits due under the terms of an insurance policy or scheme.

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Can include legal and other professional fees. Also known as losses incurred. The code supports the integration of environmental, social and governance issues into investment decisions.

It ensures that we maintain the highest ethical standards in carrying out our business activities. It is a capital measure that was introduced in as a precautionary measure to protect the economy from a financial crisis. The Principles also provide us with a framework by which to measure mayures monitor our community investment activities. This provides a clearer lloking of the underlying business performance relative to the prior reporting period.

A zero correlation indicates that there is no relationship between the variables.

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A correlation of -1 indicates a perfect negative correlation, meaning that as one variable goes up, the other goes down. The cost arises because the capital can only earn broad market-related returns while tied up in the business, potentially missing out on more profitable opportunities elsewhere.

Total operating expenses as a percentage of total income of the banking operations net interest income and non-interest revenue. It generally refers to long-term business, which includes traditional life insurance, long-term healthcare and accident insurances, savings, pensions and annuities. Total impairment losses on loans and advances, divided by the total average loans and advances.

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The highest rating is typically AAA, and the lowest D. At Old Mutual the survey is conducted annually and covers all employees. Typically there sum of cash, cash equivalents, receivables, inventories, prepaid expenses and other current assets. Typically s payable, short term debt, notes payable, taxes payable, dividends payable and other current liabilities. This may involve stealing a person's identity, funds or digital property, network intrusions and the dissemination of computer viruses.

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An example of this would be sales commission payable to an insurance broker. The costs are aggregated and capitalised on the balance sheet as an asset and amortised through the s over the contract's life. A deferred annuity may be funded by the policyholder by payment of a series of regular contributions or by a capital sum. The fees are aggregated and recorded on the balance sheet as a liability and amortised through the s over the term of the contract.

Old Mutual demutualised in Old Mutual generally pays an interim dividend in November, based on its half-yearand a final dividend in May, based on its full-year. Premiums received which relate to cover which will be provided in a future period are known as unearned premiums.

It is calculated as revenues minus costs, operating expenses and taxes, minority interests and extraordinary items. EPS is an indicator of our profitability that measures how much we earn for each share held. It differs from regulatory capital, which is determined by regulators. It represents an estimate of the amount of economic losses an insurer could withstand and still remain solvent with a target level of confidence over a specified time horizon.

This means it is difficult to measure the value of a life insurance business or how much income it is likely to generate over time. EV is a way of indicating what the underlying existing business is worth, based on the total of the net assets already invested in the business and the profits expected to emerge in the future from that business.

It does not include the value of any future new business. ESG Environmental, social and governance factors that can affect the long-term returns on investment and can be integrated into investment analysis and decision making. It attempts to measure the value of business in-force based on a set of best estimate assumptions, allowing for the impact of uncertainty in future investment returns. It is deed to provide an accurate reflection of the performance of long-term savings business and a method of comparing companies on a consistent basis.

If you hold or buy shares before the ex-dividend date, you are entitled to the most recently-announced dividend; if you buy after that date, the dividend goes to the owner of the shares. The annual operating costs of an investment fund, expressed as a percentage of assets. In any period the actual result for these items will differ from the assumed experience; this is known as the experience variance.

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This is expected to be extremely rare. Calculated as the difference between Adjusted Headline Earnings and the amount of capital required by the businesses to grow in line with the Group's strategy. This metric includes adjustments for non-fungible earnings and only includes Nedbank's contribution as a dividend and as such is a measure of surplus cash generated by the Group available for distribution or investment.

It is the benchmark index for share prices in London. FUND A pool of financial assets into which premiums are invested to produce an investment return.

Examples include property funds, managed funds and with-profit funds. Also known as asset management or investment management. Both fund groups and stockbrokers have set up fund supermarkets. A highly geared or leveraged company carries higher amounts of debt, relative to equity.

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Examples include motor, contents and buildings insurance. Property insurance covers loss or damage through, for example, fire or theft. Casualty insurance covers losses arising from accidents that cause injury to other people or damage to their property. GOODWILL An intangible asset, arising from other assets acquired in a business combination that are not individually identified and separately recognised.

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In an acquisition it represents the difference between the fair value of the consideration transferred and the fair value of its net assets. The burning of fossil fuels contributes to this distribhted, which has been l to climate change. The most common greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide. It provides a looming methodology by which companies can report their greenhouse gas emissions. GROSS This represents a total before deductions, for example the amount before tax has been deducted.

Those premiums that will be paid or relate to insurance cover for a later financial period will not be treated as income immediately. The starting point is earnings as determined in IFRS IAS 33excluding separately identifiable re-measurements, net of related tax both current and deferred and related non-controlling interest, other than re-measurements specifically included in headline earnings. ing regulations that all publicly listed companies in the EU are required to use.

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These standards are deed to ensure companies prepare their s in the same way so that Datinf is a common basis for comparison. The amount shown in the balance sheet needs to be reduced through an impairment charge in the income statement. The person taking out the insurance is called the insured. Payments maturess the policy are called premiums. For example goodwill, brand name, trademarks. The assets have a value to a company and an estimate of the value must be included in the company's s.

Old Mutual generally publishes its interim in August.

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They are deed to ensure companies in the European Union prepare their s in a similar way so that there is a common basis for gor. An increase in the ratio ifies increasing profitability. It recommends, among other things, that organisations produce an integrated report in place of an annual financial report and a separate sustainability report. A highly leveraged company carries a lot of debt.

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LIQUIDITY A measure of the ease with which a company's assets can be converted into cash, and therefore represents a company's ability to meet expected or unexpected cash calls. The term is broadly used throughout the industry, for example it is a regulatory expression broadly equivalent to life insurance and pensions. Calculated by multiplying the current share price by the of shares outstanding. MCEV attempts to measure the value of business in-force based on a set of best estimate assumptions, allowing for the impact of uncertainty in future investment returns.

May affect the ability of investors to build or sell large holdings without a substantial impact on the share price.