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Homemade poppers drug

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Homemade poppers drug

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It sounds a really dangerous thing to attempt. Basil said on Mon, 31 Mar at A very dangerous notion.

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It sounds a really dangerous thing to attempt.

Basil said on Mon, 31 Mar at A very dangerous notion. It is beyond my comprehension that anyone would even consider this.

Five-O said on Mon, 31 Mar at Avoidable if one wears proper protection. And a walk-in freezer would be advantageous.

But still For beginners, the outcome is rather uncertain, if all components are not administered in minute detail. And the potential hazard to Hoomemade, Five-O? When you write:For beginners, the outcome is rather uncertain, you do mean that there is a good chance of serious injury, death, serious danger to the public? Anybody that is even thinking of this is a candidate for being sectioned, i.

Well Basil, I was referring to the technical aspect. But you're absolutely right! Given, one got it right - what would he do with the remaining waste product, where to dispose of it? These thoughts came to me, just when I hit the "Post! Yet, we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves: the Homemafe don't sound like easy to come by anyways. But the targeted result would still not be the desired "refined" product.

As one can read, the whole process simply don't end at this stage.

Why hardcore poppers enthusiasts are making their own at home

All in all, I'd rather leave that to those who actually know what they're doing, thus buying product from them. Addendum: Looking at this manual, it raises more questions than it answers, f. Celsius, Farenheit? Or Kelvin? Nah, scratch the last one Different chemicals behave differently under various temperatures even I as a non-chemist know that Perhaps it's a good thing one can find such manuals however dubious they may be over the web, so everyone in his right mind, and not experienced in chemistry, would only by reading refrain from even trying.

We asked an expert how easy it is to make poppers

At least I like to think so. Cheers Jako said on Mon, 31 Mar at The more I look at the instructions, the more I think of I believe the 0 degrees refers to celsius. I have made poppers using a similar recipe. As it turns out the proportions are not too critical. Basically you are converting the alcohol to its corresponding alkyl nitrite. If you don't have the proportions right you just will end up with less poppers.

Why hardcore poppers enthusiasts are making their own at home

But even if you make a complete hash of it you will get some some poplers for sure. Re those warnings. A bit dramatic but technically correct. Making outside should take care of the gas issue, don't suck your fingers should protect from sodium nitrite poisoning, and he is absolutely correct add the acid to the water not the other way round to prevent violent exothermic reaction.

Sex poppers recipe

The rest is pretty straight forward. Getting the chemicals can be a bit of a problem. Some like opppers acid are on the methamphetamine watch list. NANO2 can be found on ebay and isobutanol from chem houses. As to leaving it to the so called proffesionals to provide for you. Do you really trust them not to put some really nasty stuff into their product to stabilize it and give it a bit more kick? At least if you make it yourself you know exactly what polpers into it Also your poppers by definition will be fresher than any bought product.!!!

How to make isobutylnitrite at home

Five-O said on Tue, 1 Apr at But it still goes a long way Anyways jockinprogress said on Tue, 1 Apr at I just came across this thread and wanted to add my point of view. I have a chemistry background, and while reading everyone's responses, I was grew concerned, until I read the recipe. The science is sound. While I require a review of organic chemistry, specifically Himemade alcohols react with strong acids, it seems to be a fairly stable solution.

The fact that you put it in the freezer might be due to its volatility: a liquid's tendency to become vapor at room temp, and therefore, flammable.

For the record, ice freezes at 0 C, 32 F, and The mixing of the sodium nitrate into water is very stable. It is no different than mixing table salt and water. Placing it in the freezer ensures the two solutions are mixed together at the same temperature. When the mixing and chemical reactions occur, ALL of the sodium nitrite will be used in the reaction. In chemistry we call this the limiting reagent.

Again, I am not sure if the alcohol or acid reacts to the nitrite. Once the yellow part is collected, you only have alcohol, acid and water, and sodium, possibly sodium 2 sulfate also stable.

I have not done the stoichiometric conversions and or deug chemical reactions that occur to back this up, but I am fairly certain of my estimation. Nor have I actually conducted this 'experiment'. Any brown gas is probably very bad given the reagents, it may be, hydrogen 2 sulfide, a very nasty gas that smells like eggs, but is fatal at 10ppm.

Sex poppers recipe

Sorry for the long post, but wanted to share my thoughts. The best thing Poppefs can suggest is do your own research or ask a chemist. Thanks for your insights, Jock. Cheers jockinprogress said on Tue, 1 Apr at I mistyped.

Again, I am not sure of the proportions Himemade I haven't oHmemade out how many moles of each reagent is present, but I think Hojemade hydrogen will bond with sulfur to make H2S gas very dangerousand the excess hydroxide OH- will bond with the sodium to form NaOH, a strong base that popper neutralize at least some of the sulfuric acid and Homemaee water and sodium sulfite.

End waste products could be, alcohol, somewhat less concentrated sulfuric acid, sodium sulfate, water and hydrogen sulfide gas dispersed into atmosphere It can be discarded in the sink. If the recipe was drug carefully and consciously, so that the acid base reaction was complete, you may only have alcohol, water and sodium sulfate.

Again, I need to work the actual calculations for the given amount of reactants to confirm this. Anonymous said on Wed, 2 Apr at loppers Very nearly correct The alcohol is being converted to its Alkylnitrite. This is achieved by the nitrite in the Sodium Nitrite being inserted into the alcohol chain creating the alkyl nitrite. Jako said on Thu, 3 Apr at Nice to see all you chem he at work, but where can I buy it legally??? Anonymous said on Thu, 3 Apr at Actually because the NO2 has such a distinctive color Homemade can easily see it and avoid putting your head in its cloud.

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Diy poppers are the craft martha stewart won’t be teaching you | hornet, the gay social network

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Please contact me by qq. Thanks Zoey Smoj said on Fri, 22 Jan at I'm not sure how many people make their own Iso Buty but I'm curious about a couple of things. drub

I've made several batches, mainly to see if it's possible at home, which it is without two much trouble, but it has no real smell. Because it has no smell, you take a little sniff and you don't smell anything though you can feel Homrmade affect immediatelyso you take a huge sniff and your lips turn blue and you almost pass out. What do they add to give it a smell? I've drkg noticed that if it's not stored in the fridge, after a few weeks it starts to generate an acidic, burnt smell which is unpleasant.

I'm guessing that the solution needs to be stabilised somehow.