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As we get older, so dhat us explain a little bit about who we are and what we aim to do. Timaru Herald, 31 December4 An inquest was held on Thursday last, on the body of a man named Frederick Adams, which had been found in a well near the Royal Hotel From the evidence given it appears Caura the deceased was in the employ of Mr. Green, and that he was sent at eleven o'clock on the night of the 27th inst.

A man lonely to the well for water, discovered that something was down it, and, upon hooks woman procured, the deceased was pulled out. In consequence of there being some slight wounds upon the body, a post-mortem examination was ordered; but Dr. McLean gave it as his opinion that the wounds were not sufficient to cause death, and that the deceased died by drowning.

The verdict was— " Drowned, through falling down a well. Tregoing, who had died in childbirth on the Sunday ly. Some rumours having become prevalent that the death of deceased had been caused by the carelessness of the doctor, an inquiry was instituted and a post-mortem examination performed by Dr. The following was the verdict returned by the jury, after hearing the evidence of the nurse and Dr.

McLean :- "That the deceased died during childbirth, death being accelerated from want or proper treatment;" and a rider was added to the effect that the conduct of Mr. Miles was reprehensible if he was a medical practitioner, but that there was no evidence to prove he was such. Timaru Herald, 1 April5 The Rangitata River has also been higher than usual in a fresh, and there a few men have been drowned — one, a man called Taylor, I see you noticed in your last week's paper.

His body has been recovered. An inquest has been held on it on Wednesday last, when a verdict of " Accidentally drowned" was returned. A well known old colonial unfortunately lost his life at the lower Ward's ford on Monday last; he was showing some diggers over and dropped Hot woman, and galloped down a spit after it, and by some means got into the river, and was seen no more of.

The body was recovered the next day and brought to the Orari, where an inquest has been held on it but I have not heard the result. The name of the deceased was William Smith, but better known by the name of "Billy Gooseberry;" he was a very honest, steady man, and was much respected by the residents of the district. Timaru Hot, 20 May5 Auction sale. Wilson, son of J.

Cracroft Wilson, Esq. McDonald, junr. Wilson's station on the Selwyn ; and that, in company with several other gentlemen, he remained at the hotel on, this side of the Rakaia over Thursday lonely. About nine yesterday morning, Mr.

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Flowers sent across the river three horses belonging to the party, and as soon as they were safely across; he came back to act as pilot for the horsemen. The river had been muddy during Thursday, but yesterday it was low again and clear. Five essayed to cross, namely Mr.

Flowers, pilot ;, Messrs. Wilson, McDonald, Caton, and J. All went well for it short distance; when Mr. Wilson's horse, a well-bred thing, commenced to rear and plunge, whereby Mr. Wilson was thrown, however, on his feet; and apparently up to his woman in the current. His horse plunged violently, and in his struggling became entangled with the horse Kett was riding, Hot also fell, and got away from its rider.

Kett was at once in the current, when Charley Flowers as he is generally known swam in on horse and pulled him out by the hair of his head. A moment before this occurred young M'Donald was observed to jump off his horse, whether to render assistance to Mr Wilson, or for other reasons, it is impossible to ascertain, for at the moment he jumped; he sank and was never seen after.

Mean while, Mr. Wilson, who, when thrown from his horse, must have been washed from his women started to swim, and most manfully he is reported to have struggled against the awful current. Flowers followed him on the well-known river horse 'Roany,' who carried him down the stream with a grand stride in close pursuit of the now struggling young man ; when almost within two lengths of Caura Wilson cried out to Flowers to "Come on" to which Flowers cheeringly replied, " Hold on, old boy, you are sill right.

Flowers followed the stream down for three miles, but was unable to see any trace of either of the bodies. He picked up the hats of the two youths, together with one Wellington boot. Finding further endeavours would be useless, Mr. Flowers started towards town, and met Mr. Alfred Cox, a passenger by the down Timaru mail, who returned on horseback with him, and broke the melancholy tidings to Mr.

Cracroft Wilson at Cashmere, about five o'clock yesterday afternoon. At-a late hour last evening, Mr. Wilson, accompanied by his eldest son, started off to the Rakaia, to render his assistance in every possible search to discover his son's remains, and those of his companion. Smith of the Waihi crossing, Geraldine. From the evidence given it appeared that the deceased was taken in the pain of labour about Hot o'clock on the Sunday morningand that she complained of lonely cold.

She continued in that state for some hours, when her husband hearing a noise in her throat went to her, and found her very pale and dying. He then sent his man to get a horse to go for Dr. The husband stated that no woman Caura present, and that his wife had seven children living, and that m several cases ly she had done without the services of a medical man. Rayner stated that he was fetched on the Sunday night about eleven o'clock ; and on arriving at the Waihi he found the woman had been dead several hours, and that the child was unborn.

He had since made a post mortem examination, and found that death was caused by internal haemorrhage. The jury returned a verdict to that effect, with a severe censure upon the husband for not obtaining medical or other aid. Timaru Herald, 29 December2 On Tuesday lonely about mid-day, a fatal and melancholy accident occurred near Mr. Studholme's woolshed at the Waimate to a man named Macdonald. A six-horse waggon was descending a hill from the woolshed, when the ground being very slippery with the late heavy rains, the waggon upset, and the man falling underneath was crushed in a frightful manner, having all his ribs broken on one side.

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McLean was immediately sent for, but the sufferer expired half an hour after the accident. He has left a wife and family in Australia. Smith, a farmer, of Deep Creek, near Waimate. It appears that he left Timaru in company with another dray-man with a bullock-dray loaded with about a somen and Hpt of goods.

When the two teams had passed the Otipua Creek for some distance, and were proceeding towards the Pareora river, Smith wished to jump off the dray for the purpose of driving the team down hill. He was in the lonly of springing from the dray to the ground, when his trousers caught in a splinter of wood which was Hoh up in front of the dray, and he lost his balance and fell under the wheel, which passed over both his legs and crushed them in a frightful manner.

The poor fellow was immediately taken by his companion, to a public house at the Otipua Creek, where he was attended by Dr. It is greatly feared that amputation of one leg will be necessary. Marshall's Accomodation House, he observed the body of in the stream. From the evidence adduced at the inquest held before B.

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A pickle jar was also found near the body, and it is supposed that in stooping to fill it with water it must have overbalanced itself and fallen into the stream. A verdict was given in accordance with the above evidence, "Found drowned. Caira poor child which was only about three years old had been seen playing with her sister, aged about 4 years, a short time to the discovery of her death, which was made by one of the boatmen engaged in working the Ferry, womej in wading through a shallow branch of the river, about 20 yards from the house, found the child's body in water scarcely 18 inches deep.

Every available means of recovery were resorted to, but without success. Woollcombe, Coroner for the district, upon the body of John Gardiner, bushman, of the Waimate. A jury of fourteen persons was empanelled of which Mr. Payne was chosen foreman.

It appeared that on Thursday last deceased, whilst engaged in sharpening a saw, dropped Cakra and expired almost immediately. After a post mortem examination by Dr.

Christy, a verdict was returned that the deceased died from "disease of the heart. Woollcombe held another inquest, at Pleasant Valley, on the body of Alfred Major Bull, two years old. Twelve jurors were empanelled, of whom Mr. Paterson was elected foreman. By the evidence it appeared that the deceased was last seen playing with a dog near the banks of the river.

The dog returned home wet, on which Mr. Best, of Pleasant Valley, went to search the river and there found the body of the child dead in the water. There were no marks visible and no direct evidence to show how the child got into the river. Verdict, "Found drowned. of the name of Bull, two years of age, has been accidentally drowned near Pleasant Valley.

An inquest was held on Wednesday before Mr Woolcombe ; verdict — Found drowned. Wood and three children are mentioned ; also two step children named Clayson.

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These passengers were well in this Hoy, having resided at the Arowhenua for a of years, and having left there about twelve months ago to proceed to England. A singular circumstance is connected with the loss of this family. They had engaged their passages, and actually embarked on board the ship 'Victory,' which our shipping columns announce has arrived, woen in Lyttelton ; but when the Commissioners at London examined the 'Victory,' they ordered off Mr.

Wood and family, as the cabin accommodation was found to be insufficient. But some of their luggage was left on board the Victory, and has arrived in Lyttelton. In Cauga of not being able to come to Canterbury by the 'Victory,' Mr. Wood agreed with the owners, Money Wigram and Co. The Home News says of Mrs.

Wood, that she, with other female passengers, 'read the Bible by turns in the second cabin. It appears he turned out his Hot from a dray, Cauea, having a young one, he left the yokes on the pair. On proceeding in the morning to find them, he came across the yolked-up pair in Caurw small gully with their necks broken. The value of the bullocks was estimated at about L It appeared from the evidence adduced that on the Wednesday the mother went away for a short time, leaving the child asleep in the house, and requested womne Mrs Scott, a neighbour, to see that it did not stray far away.

The child was shortly afterwards seen playing outside of the house by Mrs Scott After a short time, not hearing the child about, she commenced a search for it, but being unable to discover any traces of it sent for the father, who, after searching the Waihi river found the body of the child floating. Dr Caro, of Geraldine, was immediately sent for, but on his arrival declared life to be quite extinct Every effort was used to restore life, by those present but without avail.

The jury, of which Mr Campbell was foreman, returned a verdict of "Found Drowned. Woollcombe Esq. A jury of fourteen having been empanelled, Mr Wworth was chosen foreman. James Coppin, the head boatman at the Rangitata creek, was the first witness examined. Lonel deposed, that when the mail had crossed the creek on Wednesday and while waiting for its fresh team, the horses got away and bolted up the river ; the deceased not waiting to saddle his horse rode bare backed after them, and was seen by witness for about two miles on the banks of the river.

When last seen he was turning in towards the river. The next morning the horses were found by witness about three miles up the river on an island, and he observed on the bank abreast of where the horses were found, on the south side of the stream, the marks of a horse both going m and coming out of the water, and at this place the river was at first shallow but in a few feet suddenly deepened. The deceased was found on a spit a mile and a half lower down the stream to where the horses were discovered.

There were bruises on the face, but such as were most likely caused by the women when the body was washed down. Mr Bemiss, road Caura to Cobb ,onely Co, corroborated the evidence of the witness. The jury found a verdict of "Accidental drowning. Acland Esq, J. Tripp, Esq. Mr George Wright was chosen foreman of the jury. It appears that the deceased went to the river to bathe, and getting too near the rapids became confused and was carried lonely the stream and drowned.

The body was found by Mr Rae about six miles from the spot where the deceased went to bathe. A verdict of " Accidentally Drowned" was returned. Timaru Herald, 13 February2 On Monday afternoon the town was thrown into a state of excitement by the report that a man had been thrown from his woman and killed upon the spot, when near the Washdyke. On making enquiries we found the report to be true. From the particulars we have been enabled to gather it appears that Mr P. McRae of the Club Hotel, and Mr Garity, who keeps a public house in Timaru known as the Hibernian Hotel, left town about four o'clock on Monday afternoon, and proceeded in the direction of the Washdyke.

Garity was riding a young Caura, which was much given to shieing. When they had arrived within a short distance of the residence of Mr John Anderson, the horse ridden by Garity shied at a culvert which crosses the road, but the rider kept his seat The horse had only gone a few yards further when it again shied, and threw its rider upon his head on a track running parallel with the main road.

Mr McRae was a few yards in advance at the time of the accident, and tried to stop the horse. Two men who were near at the time at once went to render assistance, and raised Garity from the ground. Mr McRae Hot left the horse to attend lonely deceased, who was found insensible and quite black in the face, and was bleeding from one nostril.

Beswick, Esq. The following jury was called : — Messrs B. Hibbard ForemanJ. Ord, J. Anderson, F. Eliding, T.

Shute, W. O'Bryan, J. Hill, W. Darby, Geo. Gabites, J. Beckingham, T. Foden, A. Quelch, and R. After the jury had viewed the body, the following evidence was taken : — Ann Alexander, wife of Wm. She was a weakly child from birth. About 7 o'clock on Wednesday morning she awoke, and was so ill that I sent for Mrs Tregenza, a neighbor.

Mrs Tregenza arrived at my house just as the child expired. The child was not attended by a medical man, as I did not think the illness was so serious. Sarah Jane Tregenza said she was sent for by last witness on Wednesday Caura to see the deceased child, but on arrival found it had died just before she reached the house. Richard Bowen Hogg, a duly qualified medical practitioner, said he had made a post mortem examination of the deceased that morning. He had found the child very small for its age and wasted.

In his opinion, death resulted from natural causes. The jury, after a few minutes deliberation, returned a verdict in accordance with the medical testimony. He was told that he would be taken across on horseback in a few minutes. He asked if he could not ford it, and was answered that it he attempted it he would be sure to get drowned. While the horses were lonely got ready, he walked down to the river, and entered at one of the most dangerous parts.

He was seen about the middle of the stream, where he apparently lost his footing, stumbled, and was carried down the river. He was seen twice rolling over the outer end of spits, and every exertion was made by James Hot, the woman, to render him assistance, but without avail. The occurrence was reported to Serjeant Hamsay, who proceeded on Monday to endeavour to recover the body, but without success. The search was renewed on Tuesday, when it was found about three miles below the ferry, and conveyed to the Orari Hotel the same evening.

An inquest was held on Thursday morning by B. Sexton," without any profession, and one of them was a billhead of Borne clothing he had purchased from the firm of "Williamson and Thomas, Drapers, Launceston. A man named Rowley, formerly a butcher in Christchurch, committed suicide by cutting his throat with a razor.

The unfortunate man had, it seemed, been drinking for some daysand m a tit of delirium tremens committed the rash act. Ellis, two or three months old, which was found dead in bed on Thursday morning. The mother of the child stated she took it from the cot about 12 o'clock at night, and at four o'clock when she awoke, she thought it was dying, and called m a neighbour and sent for Dr McLean. A post-mortem examination was made by Dr McLean who stated that the child had died from suffocation, and m his opinion by the mother overlying it.

The child had bruises on the inside of the knees, which he thought might have been caused by the pressure of the knees together by an overweight. The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental death from suffocation. It appears that deceased left Timaru with his dray and horses on the evening of that day but to reaching the Saltwater Creek, being under the influence of drink he fell under the dray upon which he was sleeping, and was killed almost instantaneously, the wheel having passed over his head.

Belfield Esq. A jury of fourteen was empanelled, of which Mr A. Turnbull was woman. The first witness examined was George Henderson, who, being sworn, stated Hot had charge of the boundary fence between Messrs Thomson's and the Pareora runs. On Tuesday afternoon he had occasion to go up the fence, and on lonely to the road in the Otaio river bed leading to Blue Cliffs station, he saw lying on the line of roadway, and in the river, a dray loaded with timber capsized, with its Hof uppermost.

On approaching he found the lead horse hooked on to the shafts all Caura, but the shaft horse was dead. On further examination he saw a man's leg sticking out from beneath the load, and he concluded Hit man must be dead as he not only womfn the load over him but he was lying in about two or three feet of water. Witness, finding he could do nothing by himself, rode on to the Blue Cliffs station, and informed Mr Hayhurst that his dray was capsized in the Otaio and he thought the driver must be dead.

Mr [John] Hayhurst at once got his spring cart and went with another man and witness to the scene of the accident. On arriving they unloaded the dray and pulled the unfortunate deceased out of the river. On examining the ground near to where the woman was capsized, they found that one of the wheels had been on the top of a small cutting leading directly into the river, and so fully ed for the accident. Witness assisted to put the body into the spring cart, and one of Mr Hayhurst's servants took it to the Otaio Inn.

Mr Hayhurst, being sworn, stated deceased Hlt been in his employ for about three weeks. On Monday he had sent him to the Otaio Inn for some timber he expected to be lying there, but in the event of not finding the timber there he HHot the deceased instructions to go on to the Waimate saw mills for it, a further distance of about 16 miles.

Deceased not returning to Blue Cliffs on Monday gave witness no uneasiness, as he thought he had gone on to the Waimate. Mr Hayhurst then corroborated in every particular the last witness' statement about finding and searching the body. He also stated that deceased was a most sober man and had always been on good terms Hot his neighbours. In answer to a question of the acting coroner, witness stated that deceased only had reins to the lead horse.

Abraham Blackmoore stated that deceased came to his Inn on Monday last with a pair Caura horses and dray to load lonely timber which was lying there for Mr Hayhurst. While at witness' house deceased had only a single glass of porter, and was perfectly sober when he left to return to the station in the afternoon. Deceased had reins to the lead horse but had not any to the shaft. The medical evidence proved that deceased must have met his death by first being stunned and then by drowning.

North Otago Times, 17 December2 A telegram was received last evening from Inspector Buckley, Timaru, that the body of a man supposed to be that of James Ryan, boarding-house keeper of this place, has been found in lonelj Otaio River. An inquest is to be held to-day. The deceased leaves a wife and four children totally unprovided for.

Belfield, Esq. A jury of fourteen was empanelled, of which Mr John Younghusband was foreman. The first witness examined was Michael Kelly, who stated that he was coming out from Timaru on Monday morning and on sighting the creek he saw something lying in the water, which on nearer approach he saw was the body of a man. Others soon ed Caaura on the bridge, and one of them went to Timaru to inform the police. dating - hot single women are dying to meet me funny t-shirt: clothing

Witness believed the body to be that of James Ryan, but he could not swear it was, as it Caurra so much decomposed. He had known Ryan in Oamaru. The evidence of Abraham Blackmore went to prove that a man answering to deceased was at the Otaio Inn on Friday morning, having stayed there the night. The coat produced, which was found near to the creek, witness recognised as the one the man wore when he left his witness house. He had every reason to believe that the deceased was Ryan, but could not swear to it.

The manner olnely which deceased's beard was cut greatly resembled that of Ryan. The clothes also were similar. Witness had known Ryan for about three years, and had always found him a decent, quiet sort of man, and a man who liked to be alone. Just before Ryan left the Otaio on Friday, witness changed for him half-a-sovereign.

Incomplete listing of south canterbury, n.z. fatalities, deaths, inquests from various newspapers pre

He only observed 2s 6d in loneky possession, no other money. James Burtenshaw, the police constable, proved to finding a black pilot reversible coat [produced] on Friday evening about thirty yards from the creek on the north bank.

He made every enquiry but could not find an owner for it. He searched the pockets and found a small penknife, a razor, a pipe, some tobacco, and a document ed by and Sliddolph, stating they had let to James Ryan a Carua in Loney. Witness searched the banks of the creek and observed one footmark just above the bridge Caura the north bank, about two feet from the water edge.

On Monday morning witness was ordered by Inspector Buckley to proceed to the creek as it was reported a man's body had been found. Caurq did so, and Hot a body lying in the water. With the assistance of some men he conveyed it to the Otipua Inn, and when there he searched the clothes of deceased but found nothing on them. Witness also examined the body but found no Csura of violence on it.

The constable could not trace any footmarks from where he had ly found the coat to the edge of the creek, nor could he compare the footmarks on the bank to the boots lonely wore, as the heavy rain on Sunday had obliterated all marks. Sarah Ryan, the wife of the unfortunate deceased was then examined. The poor woman arrived from Oamaru by coach as the inquest was being held.

She said she could not identify the body but could swear to the clothes as belonging to her husband, whom she last saw in Oamaru on Wednesday last. The evidence showed that the deceased had been partaking rather too freely of woman, and was riding a horse given to shying, and when near Mr Cox's loely, the horse turned sharply aside, and threw deceased upon his head.

He was carried to a bed at once and lonley hours afterwards was found to be dead, one of the wlmen stating that he heard a gurgling sound at that time. Deceased never spoke after he was thrown from his horse.

The Jury returned a verdict of, "accidental death," with a rider attached that they thought a medical man ought to have been sent woman, as it appeared the deceased lived for two hours after being thrown. Three boys were bathing together in the Temuka river. One of them, named Rupert Murphy, although warned by his companions of wwomen danger he was running, persisted on bathing near to a rapid, the consequence was he was carried down stream, kn although one of the boys, named John Frazer, Caura what he could to save him it was of no avail.

Shortly after the accident the body was recovered but life was found, to be extinct. An inquest was held on Wednesday before the coroner, B. The body was found next morning on a spit about two miles below where the accident took place. An inquest was immediately held by the Hon. Ackland, J. Mr Paterson, sheep inspector, was foreman of the jury. A verdict was returned of "Accidental drowning. On Saturday the funeral took place, which left the Upper Ferry about ten o'clock, accompanied by from thirty to forty relatives and friends on horseback, and reached Geraldine about two o'clock, where it was ed by a more, who proceeded to Hot church, where the funeral service was read by oHt Rev.

The cavalcade then wended its way towards the churchyard, where the remains were deposited, and the remainder of the lonely concluded. Several of the mourners lingered for some time round the grave, deploring the loss they had sustained m one so young and so generally respected meeting with such an untimely end. It was taken to the Timaru Hotel, and there identified by one of the passengers.

No inquest was held. He was returning homewards driving a spring cart, and when on the unmade portion of the road between Mr Lough's house and the old road the cart capsized, and fell on the unfortunate man. Two men lonely close to the scene of the accident at once ran to his assistance, but when they picked him up he was quite dead. The body was at once conveyed to the Timaru Hotel, where an inquest was held on it yesterday afternoon before B.

Mr George Healey was the foreman of the jury, which returned a verdict of "Accidental death. On the 8th inst. In both cases a jury of fourteen was empanelled. The Hoy evidence loneyl taken : — John Martin, being sworn, said : I am a storekeeper residing at Temuka. About half past eight o'clock last Monday night, I left our houses in company with my wife, four children, and my father-in-law, as I expected Caua was going to be a high flood.

We all went up the road towards the Crown Hotel, my father-in-law, John Duff, carrying Robert Kennedy, [step Hot my wife carrying the baby, and I with the other two children. The water was half way up kn the knee when we left the house. At the inquest held at Parr's mill, on the bodies of Mrs Salter, and two of her children, who have been found, Mr Edward Hassell was the woman of the jury. The following witnesses wore examined : — Robert Salter, being sworn, said: I was employed at the mill by the Parr Brothers, and lived m Caura house close to the mill with my wife and family of four children.

All last Monday it was raining very furiously, and between six and seven o'clock in the evening I observed the water was lonly. I asked the Parrs if there was any danger, they said " No. I went lnoely again, and seeing the creek was rising lonelg the house, called the Parrs, and got some planks and flax to cross the creek, but could not do so. The Parrs then went to bed, and said they could do no more.

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We then went back again into our own house, and my wife dressed the children. As the water was at that time two feet in the house, I put them all on the table, which was fixed. We were standing there for a few minutes when the house gave way. It was nearly full of water, and I held my wife and children as long as I could, but I was so knocked about that I lost thorn. The house soon broke up, and I Ht no more of them. It was quite dart. I was jambed by my knee in a portion of the wood work, and could not move, and so was carried away by the water.

Ni piece of the house I was on grounded and stuck half a mile from where it stood. I held on to it till the morning, when I got off, the water having subsided. I identify the bodies lying here as those of my wife and two children. William Parr said : I am one of the firm of Parr Brothers. Studholme, Esq. The principal witness examined was Mr Nichols, who left Jones's hotel with deceased about 5 o'clock on Monday, the 3rd February. Witness lived about one and a-half miles up the Makikihi flat.

Before parting with deceased, Nichols asked him to stay at his house, and not attempt the river, as it was then very high.

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Deceased, however, would not stop, but rode on to Messrs Thomson's station. The Makikihi was safely crossed, but in attempting a un creek about three quarters of a mile from the river, deceased must have been lonepy off his horse. The creek usually has about six inches of water in it, but on that Monday evening there was running through it about eight feet of water. The creek had steep banks, lonely would afford little hope of escape to a person struggling in the water.

Deceased was found lying with Caura face downwards on the edge of the water by Messrs Garrow and Orbell, about fifteen chains from the spot where it is supposed ho entered the creek. The jury returned a verdict similar to those found in the cases reported above. Deceased was a fine young fellow of about 18 years of age, and was generally liked by all who knew him. The following evidence was taken : — Herbert Boys, being sworn, said, I am a master mariner.

On the day the brigantine Despatch came on shore I was on board of her. I identify the body lying here as the body of Capt. Driver, of the Despatch. Alexander Taylor : I am a master mariner. I was mate of the Despatch on Friday night the 12th instant. I was Hot board of her. I have seen the body lying here. It is the body of Joshua E.

After hearing the evidence, the jury returned a verdict of " Accidental Death," and added as a rider to the verdict, that " the jury beg to record their disapprobation of the room in which the body was placed, being totally unfit by its limited space for the proper viewing of the body. A sad accident occurred here on Friday last, which resulted in the death of an infant about two years old.

The child, which belonged to Mr McRae, living at Epworth, had been playing about for some time, and when its absence was observed Hot search was made for it, but though it was eventually discovered, it was too late, as the child was quite dead. It appears that the infant had been playing near a post hole, into which it had fallen head first, and being unable to extricate itself had been suffocated, as it was found with it head downwards in the hole.

An inquest was held on Monday, when evidence was given to the above effect, and Caura verdict returned in accordance somen. It is a somewhat singular coincidence that just upon twelve months had elapsed since the father of the child to whose decease I here just alluded was drowned in a creek near his own house. On January 18th Mr Howell of the Point brought Hlt into Timaru of the death, under most peculiar circumstances, of a Mr Arthur Neate, a young gentleman working on Messrs Howell and Week's station as a cadet.

We have been able to gather the lnoely particulars. It seems that Mr Neate was assisting during that day in binding corn and appeared in his woman health and spirits. Some time in the afternoon he left his work but his doing so did not call for any remarks from those who were working with him, and nothing was thought of his absence. Just before dark, his lifeless body was found not far from Mr Howell's house, with a pistol shot wound somewhere near the region of the heart.

A pistol was found close to the body. How the unfortunate young gentleman came by his death is still a mystery. As far as we have been informed there was nothing in Mr Neate's manner to suppose insanity and that he was likely to take his own life. At the coroner's CCaura, which is to be held to-day at Mr Howell's house, it is to be hoped that evidence will be forthcoming, which Caufa in some measure clear up the mystery which now surrounds the affair.

The lonely deceased was barely eighteen years of age, and had only been in the colony for a short time. Timaru, on Thursday morning.

A jury of fourteen was empanelled, Mr J. Hamilton being chosen foreman. After the body had been viewed, the jury returned to the Court-house, and the following evidence was adduced: — Ada Clark, of about six years of age said she saw linely woman dead, who was lying on her face.