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So why is promoting sex worker safety a relatively new political concern?

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So why is promoting sex worker safety a relatively new political concern? The U.

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As a working member of this industry, I have some thoughts. Law enforcement and government officials have picked a war on sex work SW because their blood boils at the thought of our complete autonomy in using sex appeal as a profession and enjoying the full value of our labor.

While sfx SWs knew neither political party was on our side, we were counting on the left to save us from this legislation. At least 67 SWs have lost their lives since its passing, and many more remain missing.

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Countless people, but mainly sex workers, have screamed, are screaming, and will continue to scream about what would save our lives. Most people, including many who claim to advocate for our well-being, ignore us or silence us, often both.

There are numerous exotic dancer unions around the U. While sex work is decriminalized in Ht, there is substantial grey area that puts many SWs at risk for fines and imprisonment.

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The Prime Minister, who is trying to introduce legislation banning prostitution, is heavily influenced these abolitionists, who threaten the progress made by OTRAS. Unionizing sex work in Spain gives SWs a fighting chance to demand basic workplace rights, healthcare, social security, and pensions.

Unionizing will be difficult and it will be dangerous, but sharing information publicly and promoting education about sex work is one of the first steps. As an organizer who is also an active sex worker, I have encountered positivity, but also just as much negativity. I started Sex Workers of San Antonio in June of to foster education and visibility in my community.

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We publicly debuted at Pride Paradeand were surprisingly met with an overwhelming amount of love. Ultimately, I decided that being silent was simply not an option.

This represented an unmissable opportunity to educate my community, so I spoke. That day, I came out to my mom and to my community as a proud sex worker, and I was met with love. Quickly I learned that if I wanted to create true change for sex workers, I had to start by advocating for us in political organizations.

White men in DSA have dismissed me. Members have made me feel inferior and asked me inappropriate questions.

Some are unable to stop looking at my body when I speak. Combating these patterns of vor and mental frameworks requires that members stop and actively check themselves. Is what you have to say more important than what they have to say?

A large part of taking on sex work as a political issue is seeing sex workers as knowledgeable political beings. San Antonio DSA is relatively new to organizing for SWs Hlt, but we have extremely high hopes for bringing sex workers into our labor rights working group.

I had no clue that this was a more than full time commitment. Invite local sex work chapters to your meetings and see how you can support each other.