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Lonely woman in the College

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Lonely woman in the College

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You see, as a junior in college, I live by myself. As the song goes, all by myself -- no housemates, no communal areas -- just me in my boxlike studio. And you know what?

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Advice from a formerly lonely college student

You see, as a junior in college, I live by myself. As the song goes, all by myself -- no housemates, no communal areas -- just me in my boxlike studio. And you know what? I love it.

The subtle assumption is that I must be friendless, a total hermit with only Netflix for company, when in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. But only occasionally -- and a hell of a lot less than during freshman year. wokan

Even though then I was living in a dorm with five others, the overriding memory of my first term and achievement is sitting through a good five seasons of The Good Wife. For me, living with others was lonely -- but the kind of justifiable loneliness.

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Truth is, you can be. Loneliness, psychologist Robert Weiss wrote in his book of the same name, is a subject that has received little professional attention, something as true now as it was then. Perhaps most crucially, Weiss noted how loneliness is not caused by being alone. She was right; there is no word for the opposite of loneliness. Loneliness seems like an absolute state; its opposite seemingly implied, yet in its description there lacks the halfway point, the justifiable loneliness, that I and so many others describe as feeling at one point or another in womsn college career.

Society dictates that we should be surrounded by others constantly, and college takes this to extremes. What I've begun to gradually realize, though, is that what Weiss wrote is true.

Being alone doesn't mean being lonely. If anything, living by myself has transformed me Colelge a college junior with a pretty packed social life.

Aging alone doesn’t have to mean lonely - senior planet

Instead of just hanging around with roommates, I make so much more of an effort to meet up with others and to widen my social circle. I'm slowly becoming a "Yes" girl rather than a "Maybe tomorrow" girl. Come on, it says something when my twin sister, who spent her freshman year at a different party every night, says her New Year's resolution is to socialize more, while mine is to remember to focus on those philosophy essays as opposed to social dates.

The truth is, you can surround yourself with a hundred other people, but if you can't be content and at peace when alone, have you really gained anything? Everyone will feel lonely at some point in their college career, and that can be for a multitude of different reasons, not just your living arrangements.

I know my experience won't be for everyone; the cost is a pretty major downside. If you're lucky enough to have the opportunity, though, and you feel it's right for you, then I wouldn't hesitate -- and definitely not because you're worried how other people will perceive you.

God knows, I'm not lonely now. Susannah Keogh.