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Looking for a long term fun relationship

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Looking for a long term fun relationship

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By Carolyn Steber Dec. You and your SO know each other so well, finish each other's sentences, and spend practically all your time together. But this comfiness can also relationzhip to complacency, and even bouts of boredom.

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Not only is it good to have separate lives, but it's also important not to step on each other's toes. According to Lisa Firestone, Ph.

We have to share time and activities to keep it thriving. Pay attention to what makes our partners happy, their interests, and be careful not to take actions relaitonship will restrict that happiness. Surprise Each Other Of course you aren't going to bring each other flowers every day or maybe you are! According to Amy Morin on Lifehack.

6 ways to still have fun in a long term relationship

These types of surprises will keep the excitement alive and prevent you from getting stuck in a relationship rut. For example, if you're normally quiet, shock your SO by being the one to strike up a conversation at dinner. It'll go to show that while you know each other well, you still can't always predict what the other Loking do. Verbalize Your Feelings Sometimes couples can forget the L word exists, and they merely nod at each other in the morning, or pass whole evening in silence.

Of course, you know how they feel about you, but it's still nice to hear your partner verbalize it every once and awhile. Sometimes people forget all those mushy things they used to say to one another once the relationship matures.

28 real relationship goals you (actually) want

Keep Your Own Identity There's nothing creepier than a couple that's assumed each other's identities. You should both have your own lives, friends, and hobbies outside of the relationship, especially for the sake of having something to talk about when you see each other again. According to Firestone, "Losing yourself in love is one of the biggest threats to maintaining intimacy.

Getting close to someone shouldn't mean fusing our identity or losing respect for our innate separateness. Couples should try to complement and support each other in an effort to become their fullest selves instead of merging together to become something else.

Taking aim: Long-term relationship goals

Spend Some Time Apart When you spend all of your time with one person, of course it's going to get a little monotonous. But that doesn't mean there's a problem in the relationship.

All you need is a little alone time. It's the ultimate experience to share together and will provide for some serious memory-making. Take Me Time Make sure you set aside some time to be completely independent from one another.

55 dating tips when looking to find a long term relationship

It could be scheduling separate nights out with friends, or just taking a night off from each other to lounge around solo. Just because you can spend every single evening with your ificant other doesn't mean you should. Get back in touch with who you are as you and relearn how to enjoy your own company when they're not around. Do your own things, together Even when you're not taking a break from each other for "me time," you can still be completely yourself and do your own thing in their company.

6 ways to keep your ltr fun

Get all old school literally and schedule some time for D. During the hour or so you can be completely immersed in your own recreational reading, uninterrupted, side by side. Time together doesn't have Lookiny be all about each other, and you'll appreciate their proximity while getting to do your own thing. Keep Doing The Little Things When we fall into a relationship routine, it can be easy to forget to do the little things we used to.

28 real relationship goals you (actually) want | elitesingles

Forehead kisses, putting the toilet seat back down, preparing coffee while the other sleeps in, are all little things that don't take a whole lot of effort but show you care. Try New Things In The Bedroom Sex is an important part of every relationship, so make sure both parties are relationsnip what they need in the bedroom. At this point of your relationship you're super comfortable with one another, so it may be an opportunity to explore things ly outside your comfort zone.

Instead of a reason to grow bored or uninspired, see your security as an excuse to have even more fun. Maybe it's cooking together a few nights a lojg or picking up salsa dancing at a local studio. Don't let skill level be a factor when deciding what to ofr. Just find something you both enjoy and get out there and have fun.

The Best: Real relationship goals

You'll be bettering yourselves as a couple and working as a team. Make Time For Friends And Family All too often, friends and families of individuals in long-term relationships get put on the back burner. Make sure you and your partner are continuing to make them a priority in your lives. Host game nights with friends and dinners with flr families.

25 fun date ideas to reconnect & deepen your relationship - urban:eve

It will keep you from being That Couple that only ever spends time with each other and also provide more variety to your social lives. Reminisce About The Beginning Of Your Relationship Take a stroll down memory lane, lobg in hand, and reminisce about the start of your relationship.

Confess what you thought about one another when you were first falling in love and divulge secrets like how nervous you were first meeting their parents or relationsuip you used to gush about them to your roommates. Retracing the trajectory of your relationship will make you appreciate your journey together, and will help to reignite the flame that burned in the beginning.

15 things you should start doing more in your long-term relationship

Celebrate For No Reason One doesn't always need an excuse to pop some champagne and engage in some revelry. Whenever you sense the need to enjoy a little release, make it a call for a celebration. Maybe your partner had a particularly tough week at work or you had a minor fight that morning and want to ease a little of the tension. Pick up a six-pack and groceries on the way home and make an impromptu taco night. Or if you get out of work early on a random Friday, send them a cryptic text to meet you at bar right by their office, then take them on an spontaneous bar-hop, just because you know they need it.

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