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Mormon dating uk

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Mormon dating uk

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Ethical behaviour Ethics Mormons believe that it is important to lead their lives in a way datng is pleasing to God. That man [or woman] who resists temptation and lives without sin is far better off than the man [or woman] who has fallen, no matter how repentant the latter may be.

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Ethical behaviour Ethics Mormons believe that it is important to lead their lives in a way that is pleasing to God. That man [or woman] who resists temptation and lives without sin is far better off than the man [or woman] who has fallen, no matter how repentant the latter may be. The importance of this was amplified by the Mormon Apostle Mark E. Petersen when he said: Honesty is a principle of salvation in the kingdom of God Just as no man or woman can be saved without baptism, so no one can be saved without honesty.

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Mark E. Petersen President Kimball taught that it was no use for a person to try and convince themselves that their dishonesty was for a good reason. Anyone who did that cheated themselves and the Spirit of God ceased to be with them.

They just became even more unrighteous. Alcohol, daating, tea, coffee and drugs These are all specifically banned in the Word of Wisdom, except for drugs. The prophets have made it clear that drugs, other than for medical use, are also banned. Mormons are also strongly discouraged from drinking soft drinks containing caffeine.

Gambling Gambling in any form is condemned as a moral evil, and Mormons are admonished not to participate in it. It's not just because of the damage gambling can do; the Church believes that it is morally wrong to get money without having given fair value in exchange.

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Language Profane, vulgar or crude language should be avoided. Occult practices Mormons should not engage in forms of so-called Satan worship or affiliate in any way with the occult. Sexual ethics Sexual ethics Mormons believe that sexual desires should only be satisfied in heterosexual marriage. Sex is not only for having children but as an expression of a couple's unity.

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Sex outside marriage is banned, and this includes any sexual relations before marriage and necking or petting. Sexual perversions are banned. Masturbation is also disapproved of.

Relationships Mormons think that chastity should be the dominant virtue among young people. They expect them to maintain a very high standard of sexual ethics and restrict their physical relationships before marriage to gestures of affection, rather than lust.

Young Mormons don't usually go out with members of the opposite sex until they are 16 years old. Serious relationships that are expected to lead to marriage are usually delayed longer for men until after the two-year mission at age 19and are expected to be chaste.

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Relationships are not allowed during the mission period. The restrictions on sexual activity are regarded as helping people appreciate the true value of marriage.

Contraception and birth control Mormons are unenthusiastic about contraception. It datlng an act of extreme selfishness for a married couple to refuse to have children when they are able to do so. President Kimball Birth control is not banned by the Church. However, as having children is essential for the spirit children of God to come to earth, Mormon couples are encouraged to have children.

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The Church believes that Morjon decision on contraception is one that should be shared by husband, wife, and God. Where a couple have decided after prayer that they should not have children for a time, birth control is acceptable, and not just abstinence, since the Church recognises that sexual relations have an important place in expressing and demonstrating the bond of love. Answering the question, "How many children should a Mormon couple have? Oaks said: All they can care for! Of course, to care for children means more than simply giving them life.

Children must be loved, nurtured, taught, fed clothed, housed, and well started in their capacities to be good parents themselves.

Dallin H. Oaks Since Mormons do not approve of sex outside marriage other birth control issues do not arise. Homosexuality Mormons believe that sex between persons who are not husband and wife is wrong.

Accordingly they believe that homosexual activity is wrong. Attitudes to homosexual Morrmon A senior Mormon has spoken about the way Mormons should deal with gay people I wish to say that our opposition to attempts to legalise same-sex marriage should never be interpreted as justification for hatred, intolerance, or abuse of those who profess homosexual tendencies, either individually or as a group.

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We love and honour them as sons and daughters of God. They are welcome in the Church. It is expected, however, that they follow the same God-given rules of conduct that apply to everyone else, whether single or married. President Hinckley, Must be avoided in any form.

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Polygamy Polygamy was practised by some Mormons during the first 50 years of cating Church. The Church ended the practice inalthough some Mormons very few outside the main church do still practice it. Medical and life ethics Abortion Mormons are officially opposed to abortionexcept where the pregnancy is the result of incest or rape, when the life or health of the mother would be datlng serious jeopardy, or when the foetus has serious defects that will not allow the baby to survive beyond birth.

Even in these cases abortion is not automatically seen as the right course of action. Euthanasia Euthanasia is condemned.

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Anyone who cating part in euthanasia, including 'assisted suicide', is regarded as having violated the commandments of God. However, the Church recognises that when a person is in the final stages of terminal illness there may be difficult decisions to be taken. The Church states that "When dying becomes inevitable, death should be looked upon as a blessing and a purposeful part of an eternal existence. Members should not feel obligated to extend mortal life by means that are unreasonable.

Artificial insemination by donor is not banned, but not encouraged.

Artificial insemination of single women is not approved. Surrogate motherhood is not approved. In vitro fertilisation dahing semen from anyone but the husband or an egg from anyone but the wife is strongly discouraged, but not banned.

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Children conceived by artificial Mormoh have the same family ties as children conceived by the conventional method. Organ transplants The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints leaves decisions about organ donation and transplantation entirely up to the individual to decide.

The Church has issued the daing statement: Whether an individual chooses to will his own bodily organs or authorises the transplant of organs Mormn a deceased family member is a decision for the individual or the deceased member's family. The decision to receive a donated organ should be made with competent medical counsel and confirmation through prayer. Whatever the individual's decision is, it should engender a feeling of peace and comfort.

Organ donation should be for the benefit of others and not for personal gain. Suicide Suicide is wrong.

However, the Church recognises that a person who commits suicide may not be responsible for his or her acts.