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Nsa tonight or tommorow

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The surveillance of millions of Americans' telephone records first came to light in Now, the US Court of Appeals has ruled intelligence leaders who publicly defended the program lied. And Mr Snowden has said he feels vindicated by the ruling. Microsoft bars facial recognition sales to police He currently lives in exile in Moscow but, last year, expressed his wish to return to the USwhere he faces tonoght charges over his decision to go public. Seven years ago, as the news declared I was being charged as a criminal for speaking the truth, I never imagined that I would live to see our courts condemn the NSA's activities as unlawful and in the same ruling credit me for exposing them.

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So, why not start with a bad stuff -I am impulsive and restless at times, I can't a fly, I cried twice like a girl when I watched Notebook, I cuss too often, and stay up way too late way too often. Maybe more. I'm 29,black, tall, fit, handsome, clean and a complete gentleman.

I'm a smoker and like to relax with drinks.