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Pakistani escort manchester

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Pakistani escort manchester

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The Eescort nationals being held are aged 30 and 41, Essex Police said. Supt Darrin Tomkins said officers were investigating a "criminal offence" and had not found any "suspicious items". He said specialist officers were carrying out forensic tests on the plane as the two men were questioned in custody.

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Emergency al However, one passenger told the BBC that the pilot had informed them there had been threats. The man said: "We were about half-an-hour away from landing in Manchester and we saw that the plane was taking different actions.

And we landed, safely. Then he announced that he had a threat from someone, which was why he had landed the plane. Speaking about the passengers, an airport spokesman said: "They will be taken to a reception centre in the airport where police may wish to interview them about what they have seen.

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At some point police and the airline will arrange for their onward transportation to Manchester. Manchester airport said it expected passengers to be put on a coach from Stansted to Manchester later on Friday.

After the plane landed at London Stansted, two men were arrested by police on suspicion of endangerment of an aircraft Mashhood Tajwar, a spokesman for PIA, said the incident followed a call to air traffic control. He said that about 20 to 30 minutes before landing, information received by air traffic control in Manchester had indicated there might have been "some security threat". He added: "The plane was diverted to Stansted and it has landed safely over there and all passengers are safe, and they have disembarked.

An MoD spokesman said Typhoon jets could be scrambled after the pilot or crew of a passenger aircraft sends out an emergency al. Handpicked girls — Girls working for high-class agencies have all been carefully chosen by the agency, and you will ewcort some of the most beautiful women working here.

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Fighters escort pakistan plane to airport, two arrests | reuters

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