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Tips to being a good kisser

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Tips to being a good kisser

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By Alison Segel Sep. Goor to be honest, unlike riding a bike, I didn't really remember how to do it. We clinked teeth, I kept my eyes open accidentally, and I kept my arms pinned to my sides like I was frozen solid.

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By Alison Segel Sep. And to be honest, unlike riding a bike, I didn't really remember how to do it.

How to be a better kisser

We clinked teeth, I kept my eyes open accidentally, and I kept my arms pinned to my sides like I was frozen solid. Because in my head, I definitely think I was. Well, to my surprise, the guy ended up coming back for more and asked me on a second date, where we made out, and it was much better. So that's a good thing: Kissing and chemistry between people can be improved kissser time and practice. But have you ever dated a bad kisser before?

3 Ways to Know if You're a Good Kisser - wikiHow

Someone who licks your entire face like they're giving you a bath or has breath like a hot dumpster that they blow into your face while approaching you? It's the worst.

But no one wants to be dumped just because of their bad kissing style. Because being or dating a bad kisser is no good. Keep Your Breath Fresh Studio Firma Have you ever kissed someone who just ate an onion, recently finished a tuna sandwich, or gargled pickle juice? OK, maybe those are unrealistic examples, but god about someone who just woke up from a nap or smoked a cigarette?

The one thing everyone can do to be a better kisser | best life

It does not taste great. That means keep some gum in your purse or pocket while you're kisxer a date, or at least brush your teeth before leaving the house. Invest in some Altoids. Most restaurants offer mints on the way out — grab one after dinner if you're on a date.

17 men reveal what makes a girl a ‘good’ kisser | thought catalog

Because when it comes to kissing, the fresher the better. It feels like you are hooking up with a murderer.

What are they looking at? Are they OK?

How to be a better kisser

Is this a medical emergency? If you're mid-make-out with someone who is incredibly gorgeous, sometimes, you want to check them out because you're in awe that you get to put your face on top of their face. Well, don't do that. Stare at them later, and close your eyes while you're playing tonsil hockey.

First kiss jitters? here are 5 tips on how to be a good kisser

If you keep your lids peeled during the entirety of a make-out sessionmost likely, you'll never get another yood again. In fact, I'm good with kissing that involves little to no tongue. Tongue is overrated. I don't need someone's limp, germ-y tongue in my mouth. I also don't need a lizard tongue, darting in and out of me, or a tongue swirling around inside quickly like a fan.

There's more harm that can be done with a tongue than good. So if you're going to use yours, use it sparingly.

How to be a good kisser: tips and tricks | astroglide

Every once in a while, stick it in and swirl it gently and slowly around your partner's. Then, remove it, leaving them wondering if they'll ever see it again. The tongue should be mysterious in kissing. It plays hard to get. It shows up and then runs away.

The tongue is a coy mistress, not a lizard, fan, or limp, soaking-wet animal lying dead in your partner's mouth. A bite will do the trick. Important note: Not everyone goes for this, especially if you do it too hard.

But a gentle bite or suck on the bottom lip will accelerate arousal and sensuality between you and your partner, and turn a PG make-out session into something a little more R-rated. So press up against your partner.

4 kissing tips and techniques - how to kiss better

Rub your hands around their body. Put your hands under their shirt. If you're feeling extra frisky, why not touch a butt?

These are powerful erogenous zones and feel great when kissed or gently licked. So take a few seconds to pay attention to these areas mid-make-out session, and then, return to kissing when you're done. It'll definitely blow your partner away, and take the experience to the next level.

So when it comes to kissing, it doesn't have to be catastrophic if you follow these simple goox. Everyone can be trained to kiss a little better, so you don't taste like an ash tray or kiss with a lizard tongue.

5 Tips for Becoming a Better Kisser | HuffPost Canada Life

Just keep it slow and sensual, and remember to put your whole body into it. Plus, the first kiss is awkward anyway, and things always get better with time.

Just keep on smooching until you get it right.