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Toilet domme

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Toilet domme

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Synopsis: mat applied an slavery job requirement add on the internet.

Age: 49
Relationship Status: Newlyweds
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With Martin she gets the opportunity of living out her dreams, together and on her own. Comment: Synopsis: A man gets a new job. His boss is a sexy woman and she puts him to good use under her desk.

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Nuff said! Comment: Synopsis: Long term enslavement When his family moved to a new town and Linda became his boss, he learned that it was not true. As a new employee she takes him with her on training where he finds out that he not only has to keep up with his professional duties but also has to fulfil her sexual preferences and over a week he becomes her submissive slave. Comment: Synopsis: Crime le to more crime.

And a young female attorney is faced with blackmail.

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Comment: Synopsis: Toildt poor guy is dominated by his Mommy and his evil gay nephew! And others! Comment: Synopsis: Wife and her lover force hubby to accept his new position in life Comment: Wife Takes Toilrt Forever : by puppygirl. Synopsis: A submissive man meets, falls in love with, and marries the woman of his dreams.

After finding out about his submissive shemale fantasies on his computer, his new wife turns the tables and literally decides to transform her macho muscled husband into her submissive sissy fag maid.

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As it turns out, he did not know all there was to know about his beautiful wife. Comment: Synopsis: His wife decides that four balls under one roof is two balls too many. The answer? Comment: Synopsis: A woman seeks revenge for being raped.

domem This is definitely not for the fainthearted, so please be warned Comment: How it all began : by amante Synopsis: A story about a single mother and her 14 years old son being abused by the mature landlord mistress and her young daughter. The mother is forced to give her son to the cruel landlord lady.

The mother is forced to play with her son and to watch him being humiliated. Toolet Synopsis: Two former nurses entertain themselves by tricking and publicly humiliating unsuspecting males, or subjecting them to painful procedures in their medical lab. Comment: Synopsis: A tribe of sadistic women cannibals living on a small south sea island capture and enslave men who are tortured and sexually abused before becoming meat.

Comment: Synopsis: A young man decides to live his domje and become the sex slave of a dominate couple. He starts by learning to serve them before being initiated into group sex and much more.

Comment: Synopsis: Man is in love with woman. Each holds the other's contract, a trust of their love.

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Trust is often blind when one is in love and the other is a gold digger. He decided to offer up his body and death to a Mexican snuff filmmaker and put his own death to use in a gruesome fashion for all Toilwt see. Comment: Synopsis: Terminally ill masochist decides to speed up his departure with the help of a sadistic Domme Comment: Synopsis: A sadistic wife and her Tooilet lover doctor conspire to emasculate her husband, taking pleasure in his sufferring.

His experience of one day at the hands of a Mistress removes all doubt in his mind about his own sense of worth. Comment: Synopsis: Boy meets girl, and dog. Total surrender to humiliating sexual abuse.

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A man's deep sexual need for punishment and is fulfilled through total self abasement at the foot of a sadistic women and her dog. Domme Synopsis: The humiliating misadventures of the perfect catch ever to have the misfortune to fall into the clutches of an toilet woman and her mother. If it's bad and could possibly happen, it does to this pussy whipped wimp.

Comment: Synopsis: The weekly tales of a male Doggie slave and his many fun and painful adventures Comment: Synopsis: A married man is trapped by a young black girl. Comment: Synopsis: High-school girl takes ownership of her cousin.

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Comment: Synopsis: Pete marries an evil bitch who turns him into a brutally controlled sissy-slave. No matter what happens, its always for the worse. You can watch Me shitting. You can watch Me shitting on your chest dlmme your cock. You will be My toilet.

I will shit right into your filthy mouth, you will smell My stinky ass. You will eat it all.

No waste. Then I will tell you to clean My bum. I want My ass to be spotless.

I might prepare a fresh lunch for you - a glass of fresh golden champagne and My lovely caviar on a plate. I will make sure cutlery will be ready for you. All nice and classy. A quick lunch with your Mistress during your lunch beak at work.

Toilet femdom porn

Safe word applies. At least 48hrs notice required. Scat session usually happens in the morning.