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Wife wants a massage

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She emigrated to the US from India several years ago.

Age: 42
Relationship Status: Divorced
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Hair: Thick
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It was always a turn-on for me to see other guys check her out. On the second day that we were there, I noticed a small leaflet in the hotel guest directory mentioning "in-room massage by experienced therapist". This caught my eye because my wife loves massages. She had had a couple of professional massages in the US before, and had enjoyed them immensely.

It was a secret turn-on for me as well, to have her get a massage from a male therapist. Professional massages are not particularly sexual, but it was still very exciting for me to imagine another man touching her pretty intimately. The few times that she got a massage before only one was from a male therapistI wished that I could actually watch her getting the massage, but of course it was not possible.

We were not particularly sure what a massage would be like in India, but I was curious and I finally called the hotel desk. The woman at the desk just asked me how many hours it was for, and I ended up getting an appointment for the next afternoon for two hours. We were still left wondering what to expect.

The next day was to be the last day of our vacation, as we had to catch a flight back to the US the day after. I figured this would be a fun thing to try to complete a very pleasant couple of days we spent in India. The next afternoon came and promptly at the appointed time, our therapist showed up. It turned out to be a guy as I had wished. He was a short Indian guy with a small build who appeared to be in dants late-thirties.

He was quite dark-skinned, with a thick mustache and a friendly wxnts. As we found out later, his name was Sridhar, and he spoke just enough English to get by. Luckily my wife speaks the local language Tamil well and she ended up doing most of the talking. I told him that I wanted him to massage my wife first. I wasn't sure where he was going to do the massage, because he didn't bring a massage Wige.

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He want brought with maasage a box that contained some oils and creams. He then came into the bedroom and proceeded to change the sheets on the bed, using new sheets and towels that he took out of the bedroom drawers. He left a plain white sheet on top and asked my wife to change and get under the sheet. Sridhar and I then came out and stood in the balcony to allow my wife to change. So far massae seemed to go pretty professionally.

I knew that it would massge especially exciting to have an Indian guy massage my wife, because in India any physical contact between unrelated men and women is a taboo. I wanted to make sure that I would be able to watch him closely as he worked on my wife's body. I told Sridhar, mostly using hand gestures, that I want to in while he massages my wife. To my surprise, he readily understood me and told with a big smile that it was fine by him, and proceeded to show me the massage oil that he had brought.

It was coconut oil laced with some local herbs, with a strong but pleasant smell. My wife then called out, saying she is ready, and we went in. My wife was lying on her stomach with the sheet over her, and I noticed right away that under the thin sheet she was wearing her bra and panties. I figured that she was too shy to remove all her clothes given the circumstances, though she had removed all clothes for massages.

I then told her that I will be working on her with Sridhar, and she was pleasantly surprised. Sridhar then proceeded to massage the sheet to the middle of her back, exposing her neck and shoulders.

He then started working on her neck, after warming up the oil in his hands, and moving her shoulder-length hair out of the way. It was clear that Sridhar was well trained in what he was doing, and in spite of his small build, wanhs big, muscular hands.

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I on the other hand Wiff a total amateur, though I have exchanged massages with my wife several times. I started working on her hands, letting Sridhar do most of the hard work. Sridhar was wearing what appeared to be a uniform provided by the hotel -- a white polo shirt with the hotel logo and blue pants.

I was in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. I went over and opened the glass door to the balcony halfway and opened the drapes, letting in more light, the soothing sound of the breaking waves, and a light breeze. After doing her neck, Sridhar lowered the sheet to just above her waist, exposing the smooth skin of her back covered only by a black bra. He proceeded to work on her back earnestly. I then casually reached over, unhooked her bra and let it fall to her sides.

My wife appeared a little hesitant at first, but then acted like it was no big deal. The sides of her breasts were now partly visible to us. My wife is a rather small girl -- very petite, with relatively small breasts, but quite a curvy figure otherwise, with a small waist and full hips. Sridhar started earnestly working on her back, and it was clear that she was enjoying it a lot. It was interesting to see the contrast of his dark hands on the fair skin of her back.

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I largely stopped doing anything at this point and simply watched him working on her lower back. As he lowered the sheets below her waist, the top of her pink panties came into view.

It was clear that the panties were going to get in the way, so I asked him to stop and gently raised my wife's hips and lowered the panties to her knees, while still keeping her covered with the sheet. I then lowered the sheets till nearly her entire bottom was exposed.

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She was more hesitant this time, but by now she was so much into the massage that she didn't resist. I then motioned to Sridhar to continue, and he complied with a shy smile.

My wife has a gorgeous, shapely ass, a little too big for her otherwise small frame, but nevertheless very soft, masage and inviting. She held her legs closely together so we couldn't see anything between her legs, but I was starting to get hard just thinking about my wife's ass on display to a virtual stranger.

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Sridhar continued to work on her lower back and seemed too shy to go lower, so I got some more oil and started working on one of her ass cheeks and motioned to Sridhar to work on the other, and he complied. My wife really likes to get her ass massaged and started slowly squirming in pleasure. I let Sridhar work on both her ass cheeks at the same time, as he was doing a much better job than I was. It was incredibly sexy to watch him firmly knead her ample msssage that were dripping with oil.

He kept at it for several minutes while she started to really respond to his hands, arching her back and raising her hips a little, and started rubbing her thighs together.

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The sheet got Wufe even further to mid-thigh and we started getting glimpses iWfe her pussy. Sridhar was a wife and kept massage the sheet to cover her. This went on for a while and I started to wonder if she was want to get off on just getting her ass rubbed. My wife seemed to relax after a while. Sridhar stopped and raised the sheet all the way to her shoulders and raised the lower end of the sheet above her knees so he could work on her legs.

I slipped off her panties that were still around her knees, and raised the sheet even further, till just below her buttocks. I then rested for a while, enjoying the sight of Sridhar working on my wife's shapely legs. The strong smell of the massage oil filled the room and there was a delicious sexual tension in the air. Sridhar bent her legs at the knees, spending ample time on the soles of her feet and kneading her toes one at a time, which I know she loves.

He then went up higher and higher, all the way up her legs, till he was inches away from her pussy.

When he was done with her legs, he pulled the sheet down and told her to turn over, while he held the sheet in place. After she rolled over onto her back, I removed the bra that was undone earlier and lifted her hands to take it away from her. My wife seemed like she was half-asleep and she kept her eyes shut, though I caught her stealing glances at us occasionally.

Sridhar then raised one of her hands and started working on her forearms. His hands sometimes rubbed against her cleanly shaven underarms, which seemed to tickle her.

The sheet was covering the top of her breasts. I decided to push the envelope a little and boldly lowered the sheet to her waist, exposing her breasts, stomach and navel. My wife acted like wanrs didn't even notice, and kept her eyes tightly shut. Put some thought into this! And you don't want anything super slippery either that there's not enough skin on skin contact.

Think more like coconut oil, unscented please, unless the smell of macaroons are your thing. No one wants chilly oil dumped on their back. Sure, it will wqnts up fast against your body, but that initial contact won't feel so good. Lavender really is going to be your best bet if you take the scented oil route. Next, you want to put a pillow under their chest for comfort and ask them to turn their head periodically, to prevent pain or discomfort in the neck.

Then continue to spread the oil throughout the back, down along the muscles of the spine, with no pressure on the spine itself When massate get to the base of massag spine, separate your hands and move along the waist as if you're going to grab the waist. But you're not.

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You're not going here. Setting the tone, rhythm, translating comfort, security, connection, and relaxation.

They can feel your intention! Find your rhythm and breathe. If you are tense, they feel it too. As Abergas points out, you're not using specific techniques; it's more about "the rhythm of your touch, your breath, along with their breath, that will induce relaxation that will release any knots. This will ease any tension in their neck form laying on their stomach. Now it's time to pay attention to their feet. Firm pressure, stroke, rhythmically and simultaneously.