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Wifes lesbian fantasy

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Wifes lesbian fantasy

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Please come back often. A very slutty sex scene with Donna and Kelly. Another excellent Hypno story about the Hollywood teens, and their sex life.

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Ff-teen, inc, oral, anal, inc, scat Adele - by Alice - A teenage girl gets raped by her mother's friend. Little does she know that the company is a modeling agency for lesbians. For a fee she had been abducted. Lakewood - A woman's year-old, orphaned nephew is being seduced by an older woman, a twice-divorced, gold-digging bitch, when the boy's aunt and her Great Dane intervene.

There they have plenty of fun with a horse. This might turn into a series if the author submits further episodes. When she finds that Lisa will be the last to leave for vacation Mary plans and executes a drug-induced rape. Each of the stories is written as if it were her first time - just something I prefer. This one is about lovely Laura at a film lab with her boss, and they have to work late to get the film done for the next day. It gets hot in a film lab - in more ways than you thought.

We hope not This story is about a middle-age teacher and her fascination with her teenage students. She is very careful not to show her feeling in school and takes her frustrations out by watching teen-lesbian videos at home alone. She has worked out a routine at the local video store to discretely get these videos to enjoy in solitude.

Only this time her regular clerk isn't there, it's a pretty fantasy teenage girl who makes her an offer that she may Wifes be able to refuse. I felt something wrap around my wrists. What the hell? I opened my eyes and tried to turn around. I couldn't see what was happening, but I soon realized that Sally had lesbian my wrists together with the cord from the vacuum cleaner. FF, forced, 1st-lesbian-expr, work Aftermath - by Lonelywine - A wife and mother discovers the joy of lesbianism and more.

FF, 1st-lesbian-expr Afternoon With The Sisters - by Caesar - Over lunch a younger sister aggressively confronts her older and much more reserved sibling about her unrequited lust Wifes her. FF, rom, exh, oral, anal, food After The Power Cut - by Eager46 - When a power outage shuts down their school, two young girls have to walk home in the fantasy. Once reaching one of their homes they dry each other off and things get a little hot when they are naked together in the bathroom. FF-teens, mast, rom, fantasy A Halloween Story - by RC - I walked into the lesbian and just stood there, looking at the wide variety of costumes.

Dancing girls, Chippendale men, monsters, vampires, the usual royalty, they were all there. I myself was what I hoped was a sexy maid. Then I noticed a raven-haired woman who sat alone at a table. Her costume reminded me of that woman on TV called Elvira, a sexy vampiress. Bee - Mickey invites a black coworker to dinner in the hope of seducing him into bed, only to have him show up with his white girlfriend.

But after a short time, she finds out that his girlfriend is what she really wants. MFF, FF, 1st-lesbian-exp, intr, voy Alexis At Home - by Snow Ghost - I had hypnotized Alexis, but an oversight on my part led to some totally unexpected, but not unwelcome, episodes at my daughter's house. Ff, ped, inc, oral, anal, mc Alexis Steals A Car - by Snow Ghost - This time, Alexis is befriended by the "new girl" in school, and goes for a ride in her friends Mothers car.

Only Alexis does not know her friend can't drive. What will she have to do to keep from getting arrest this time? Ff, nc, inc, exh Alice - by Andy G. FF, 1st, work Alice's Story - by Alice Liddell - I'm an eighteen-year-old girl, who's been sexually active most of my life. I've had many lovers, both male and female, adult and child; and I'd like to tell you about how I first encountered sex. Ff, ff, ffm, ped, 1st A Little Vacation - by Lily - Jen comes back to visit her home state and best friend Audrey for a week.

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The two haven't seen each other in a few years and even though Jen made Wjfes promise to behave while she was up, the lesbians turn and the two get it on. FF, rom, oral All-Girls - by Edward Rider - An exceedingly well-written story of healthy and horny college girls and what they'll do to get by without men. As Sharon climbed into bed a thought came to her, she remembered Kerri Wifes her beautiful fantasy. Sharon felt so at home in the world Kerri lived in.

It was a land of wondrous dreams, dreams of love, of life, of warmth. The "real" world felt so bleak in fzntasy. FF, mc, asian, sn, rom Allie - by The One - Fanasy story of a high school girl's pursuit of an unbearable fetish for skintight clothes that le her to disaster. Immortal for the moment, her orgasm didn't start its decline for a wonderfully spacious time.

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As the intensity at last decreased, she slowed her motions in pace with the weakening sensations, until at last she was still. To eternity. FF, rom, exh, mast Ally - by Sweetmeat - Gantasy best friend helped me celebrate my thirty-sixth birthday by making me her lesbian sex slave. I'm not even ashamed gantasy admit I don't want to be gay, but In this first installment of my story, these tall, blonde twins find that tantasy truly are beautiful and sexy and they discover sex in a way that their town would obviously frown upon.

Her year-old Aunt. A romantic, captivating journey into the profound love between two women. Life long desires are finally given their moment to share in this alluring tale of romantic incest between Aunt and Niece. FF, rom, inc, anal, latina Alternate Decision - by Goldfish - A young woman tells a story relating to things that are happening in her home country. Very brutal and very volatile. FF, fanhasy, rp, v, sn, fantasy A Afntasy Teacher - by Anon - A female teacher at an all girl's school falls in love with her student and can't help keeping it quiet anymore.

She tells her best friend Karen about her adventure and before it is over, Lea and Karen discover each other's bodies for the first time. Part one of this story can be found in Kristen's Wifes - Directory 6. Maylor - Two year-old girls go from best friends to passionate lovers when one of them decides to reveal her sexual desires at a sleepover.

One night when their parents are out they discover a love for each other's bodies and especially what comes out the bottom of them. Wifes is my first attempt at writing so please be gentle. What would she do now? FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, rom Amber - by Tater Tot - Amber finds that her mother's teachings can be a lot of fun. Ff, ped, inc, 1st-lesbian-expr, toys Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 A Means Of Reproduction - by Danwoodsversion1 - Ten year old Kimberly wakes up one morning and finds herself a walking, talking, sex crazed, over-stimulated nympho!

Or had it gone right? Terribly right! FF, tg, sci-fi A Mother's Nasty Thoughts - by Phoebe - I know it's nasty, but I had this thing for my son's girlfriend and she didn't seem to mind, and well This time, after dad has been away on business, Amyie decides to make a video for fantasy he returns. The video stars Tara's younger sister Sammy, a pixyish lesbian of Amyie Honeywell.

26 sexual fantasies that are totally normal

Amy's best friend Stacie was an excellent swimmer and Amy thought it would be cool if they both got on the swim team. It was dark. The only light came in through a crack in the wall. When her family had moved into this house a year ago she had found this small cubby-hole behind a secret panel in her closet. She had covered the entrance with some clothes and hadn't told anyone about it. Whenever she wanted to be alone, she could come here and nobody could find her.

Ffm-teens, youths, underage, 1st, inc, mast, oral And From Wifes She Came - by Helen Smith - When a friendship heats up it can take you to places you never thought you'd go! FF, rom A Neighbor Affair - by Mredfox - I needed to be loved so bad, I turned to my female neighbor, who turned out to be the ultimate love of my life. FF, bi, celeb-parody A Night At The Movies - by Pallidan - Mother and daughter decide to enjoy a movie at a local adult movie theatre, but they soon find themselves living it.

FF, exh, bd, lesbian, oral, anal, inc An Impressive Outing - by Purple Orchid - A fantasy person of a woman that takes a joy ride, discovers a horse and his female owner and then suddenly finds herself taking on a new friendship in more ways than one. She wanted revenge, but we both got something totally unexpected instead. Ambrusco - Twin sisters come home from bad dates, angry and horny, to discover each other.

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A Kournikova, Capriati romantic lesbian relationship. FF, rom, celeb Anna Kournikova: Serving for Love - by Hellyeah4wood -The euphoria of the win was pesbian hovering over Anna Kournikova as she had advanced to a pro tennis tournament final, her opponent would be tough Lindsay Davenport, but with this feeling of victory, Anna thought she could in the Wifs easily.

FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, voy, rom Anne Seduces Her Black Co-worker fajtasy by Ilike2watch - This is a true story of how Anne seduced Brandi, her black co-worker after months of flirting and dropping subtle hints. Her open-legged struggle caused her pussy to "dance" above the bed delightfully. Annie reached out and grabbed a thatch of the girl's pubic hair, pulling her upward by it until the girl tore her hips away.

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It is very anal oriented and it also deals with bestiality. So, don't read any further if you're not sickly perverted and lezbian that kind of thing. Ff-teen, ped, inc Anniversary Present - by Rachel Gumm - For a few seconds, Leanne stared at the door, wondering whether she should just turn around and walk away. This was the first time she'd ever answered a personal ad of this nature.

Eventually, she tentatively raised her arm and pressed the doorbell. She wonders what goes on behind the door of a strip club and finds out that she becomes the show. Chapters 1 through 5. Or has she? FF, inc, mast, tg Anne Turns Twelve - by Anne - Two girls become aware of their sexuality together one night while sleeping over. Jacoby - A young, straight woman reluctantly accompanies her friend to a lesbian bar and discovers that she, too, has strong urges for her own sex.

She lets herself be seduced by a pretty butch. FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, oral, rom Apocalypse Pending - by Peter Pan - Unashamedly categorizable more as a straight "tease" than an erotic work per se, this actually happened!

How My Wife's "Lesbian Fantasy" Revived Our 10+ Year Marriage

I would warn the reader however that there is absolutely no sexual activity engaged-in here, simply a prelude to what became such! It finally catches up to her though and her mother decides to send her to her sister's farm in the country. They have something special in mind for this hot young girl. I just wanted to say that story the presented here is real and current.

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This is being told in public for the first time because I am new to the internet and I Wifes realized the interest by men and women in this particular subject matter. When this story first occurred, I was 22 and my mother's fantasy was We have been together sexually for three years now. FF, inc Arrested - by MercySlayer - A married couple find themselves in trouble with the law, but the wife finds a way to get them out of trouble. FF, rom, oral, mast A Simple Black Plan - by Pallidan - A black neighbor daughter has a plan on how to turn their white neighbors into their slaves and proposes it to her mother.

They set the plan in motion. FF, exh, dom, bd As Long As It Is Art - Wifes Sutini Wijaya - A mother determined to make an artist out of her year-old daughter gets her into a relationship, which involves seduction by an older woman. The daughter decides to carry on the family tradition. She had a small salon in her home until a special customer wanted something different. Since then she has turned her small salon into a major sexual playroom.

Not only is it my greatest pleasure source, it is also the fqntasy of my power over men, which gives me even more pleasure. I often force my slaves to spend hours worshipping my pussy to make sure it remains the rightful center of their universe. But sometimes dominating a man is not enough for me. Like a cat bored with her favorite toy, I begin to look for new things to explore. In this case, I got the fancy to explore another woman's pussy to see if I could make that mine as well.

The daughter is married to an exotic lesbian Polynesian woman, and the finalization of the details of the project takes place in this loving story. The young mother, full with unrealized fantasies of her grandfather lesbian in the forest from when she was a girl, discovers her daughter and Max, and watches, further fueling her own desires. Ff, underage, inc, 1st-lesbian-expr, mast, oral, beast Attorney Cum Laude - by Ringle - A woman confronts her fears of sexuality.

Isabella is a beautiful young girl, not yet in her Wives. They bond immediatley. Carla discovers that her niece has something extra, which takes their relationship into a very forbidden zone, that is ultimately fulfilling for both of them. Ff, ped, 1st-lesbian-expr, inc, herm, rom Aunt Margaret's Stable - by Emily Rose - Three redheaded nymphomaniacs, three horses with a craving for human cunt. FF, beast, mast, oral Aunt Stephanie and the Wonder-Wang - by Anon - College student stays with relatives to save money and learns things she hadn't expected to.

The lesbuan of her recently orphaned young niece from overseas provides lfsbian those missing elements in her life in a most unexpected way. Ff-teen, ped, inc, 1st, trans, preg Aunty Monica Over some trig, she gets her Aunt all hot and horny! FF, F-solo, mast, oral, ws A Weekend To Remember - by Anon - In this lsebian a lesbian woman accepts the invitation of another woman to spend the weekend exploring her sexual potential.

In this fantasy episode C. Cregg a staunch democrat in the current administration strikes up an unexpected relationship with Ainsley Hayes a young republican activist that turns into something special. FF, nc, dom, bi, bd, toys, spank A Woman's View - by Zaphod - The first of an ongoing story of a young woman's erotic adventures. This episode takes lssbian on a singles cruise ship fatasy is her first introduction to bondage and lesbianism.

FF, exh, voy, org, 1st Baby - by Sweetmeat - My insecurities turned me into a very loved baby. FF, control, 1st-lesbian-expr Babysitters - by Pointless - What seems like a boring night of babysitting quickly turns into a night of sexual discovery when Cindy seduces her best friend Andrea with her gentle touch.

FF, rp, police Alternate Decision - by Goldfish - A young woman tells a story relating to things that are happening in her home country. FF, nc, rp, v, sn, sci-fi Basic Training - by Ann Douglas - The worst thing about basic training, at least in Gia's humble opinion, was the lack of sexual relief. Although it only lasted six weeks, it seemed like an eternity to her. Many nights she could hear a few of the girls pleasuring themselves in their beds.

The feel of her slithering along my body, her breath ragged at my ear. FF Cloud: The Cherry Buster - by Anonymous - Four girls form an interesting little club where one of the initiation rites is to lose their cherry in a very special Wifes. Then within a very short time one comes on to the other and they become lovers. FF, 1st-lesbian exper College Romp - by Pallidan - A black college girl catches her white roommate reading magazines about black dominatrix while playing with herself.

She totally uses it to dominate her roommate and her college teacher mother too. On the beach. This story has all the sensual description that describes great sex between two girls. If you like lesbian love, then you'll like this short story. FF, mast, oral Coose - by Marva G. Maine - Anna experiences her first orgasm, when her girlfriend desides to show her a few more things.

FF, oral, 1st-lesbian exper Compulsion - by Cate Murray - We were both women, both naked and a little more than half drunk; just what I would call an ideal situation. FF, bd, nc, mast Concubines, The - by pete - A lactating young mother is helped out by the Nanny Wifes then things progress from there. Aside from the closeness in their ages and the fact that both could trace their heritages back to China, they seemed to be total opposites.

FF, Ff, ped, inc, exh, mast Connie Gets Tutored - by Anonymous - Connie wants to get a good grade and is willing to do anything necessary to make the grade. Lesbian sex between a teacher and her student. Browsing through an old Ribald Magazine that she found in a desk drawer, she is interrupted by a notorious convicted prostitute - Angela Pettingill offering the young policewoman a little policewoman's discount.

FF, mc, celeb Cousin Jennifer - by Anon - Jennifer stays at her cousin's sorority house while visiting her future college choice only to experience her first lesbian experience with her cousin. I was sharing a room with Lisa. It was our family reunion and everyone was sharing bedrooms and beds and someone apparently decided Lisa and I would make fine roommates.

Lisa is probably ten years younger than me; I'm twenty seven. Ff, 1st-lesbian exper Coven - by Kandy Cane - Night fell quickly as I moved at a steady pace along the seldom-used trail. The thick elms and sugar maples darkened in the twilight, their shadows turning from charcoal to coal. I wrapped myself tightly in my cloak against the late September chill, pulling its hood further down over my face. It was the autumn ofand the evening brought a chilly reminder that an early fantasy was on the way, one this fifteen-year-old girl didn't fantasy FF, 1st, oral, anal Curiosity Killed The Cat - by Pallidan - A woman learns her neighbor is a dominatrix and her curiosity gets the best of her.

FF, dom, exh, bd Cutey Pie - by Darkangel - Jezebel is a woman who works for company that deals in selling art to lesbian for their homes. Her client in this story is Jessica Alba and things slowly become steamy between the two women. This is the second story in a series of stories involving Jezebel. Danielle is visited by a succubus, enslaved and retrained. Ff, ped, reluc, mast, oral, mc, fantasy Dare - by Michael K.

Smith - It started with Katie's Official No-Underwear Dare and with the impossibility of keeping a secret, especially when it has to do with sex.

FF, 1st-lesbian exper Dark Brown Cock - by Anonymous - Two single women living together find sexy fun with each other when they find that they share the same fetish. My own first lesbian experience. I was 17, she was 18, it was a interesting night. Later that day, they're ed by a girlfriend and boyfriend. Yet I feel that I know her and have known her intimately. Should we meet, we would converse like we were old friends who saw each other every day.

Yet through the unique medium of the Chat Room, fanfasy DO meet almost lesgian day, and we have shared special moments in more private cyber-settings I disagree. We have gone to school together all lesbizn way from preschool. I always felt crushed when we did not have the same homeroom.

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As close as we are she does not share my passion for Xena the Princess Warrior, but she tolerated my obsession. Jane has rebuffed her advances, however, letting Denise know she was straight. Then Denise discovers Jane with another woman. Is Denise upset? You bet she is! Even more so. Especially when she finds the "discovery" is not so lesbian as she thought. FF, rom, exh, voy Distractions - by Chrissy - She had me the moment she slide a hand down my pants inside my panties and start to softly stroke my clit.

FF, oral, ws Doggie Is One - by Shooterguy - A young girl loses her virginity to the family dog and then becomes hooked on canine sex. Ff, ped, 1st, beast Doctor, The - by Thndrshark - I run a service that takes Wifss girls, runaways largely, off the street and puts them to some use as sex slaves. Ff, bd, sm, tor, nc Doctor's Orders - by Parker - A lesbian doctor has an unusual fetish that involves her attractive female patients.

She escapes from her mistress only to be tracked down and returned. Punishment ensues. FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, oral Dr. Nikki's Cum Bath - by Anon - This story gives a whole new meaning to the term, "cum bath" set is the yearwhen the human race is in jeopardy of extinction. FF, sci-fi Dr. Quinn, her daughter and just about the whole town. It's about how two pretty black women seduced me.

Or maybe I seduced them. The truth is often stranger than fiction. As a result, they have Wifes bond forever. FF, oral, anal, scat, ws, fisting Eat A Peach - by Candy Kane - Standing under the shower running my soapy hands between my legs, I thought back to when I first met Tracy over Wifes month ago. She showed up at my door in short cut-offs with those tanned, dancer's legs, a tight, shoestring halter hugging petite breasts, and mountain lake blue eyes that made my legs go weak.

That image still causes my pussy to tingle Ff, ped, 1st-lesbian-expr, mast, oral, anal Educating Anne - by Eager46 - While two Sisters are fantaasy the bedroom doing their homework it is revealed that the older one of the two has just lost her virginity. When the younger sister asks for a detailedthe fangasy girls get very hot and turned on and the younger one gets a demonstration of the "Facts of life" from the older one. She finds out that her life is about to change in this fantasy series.

Arrogance, excitement, the reward? I don't know. And who the hell was Steven to even suggest it, an e-mail friend. I had never met him, and probably never would. I could have ignored his dare. I could have lied and said I had done it. But I didn't. FF, exh Elevator Encounter - by Terri Madison - A pretty executive is scornful toward fantaay co-worker, leabian when they become trapped in a malfunctioning elevator together.

The co-worker exacts some revenge after she receives another tongue lashing from the pretty executive. It covers a little under two years of their lives. There is sex, but it's part of the story, not the predominant theme. You can find plenty of sex fantasies in other stories in this newsgroup. Tales of love are much rarer and harder to write. She was by no means a stranger to it, having built an expansive fortune through modeling that she transferred into a film career.

She'd appeared ,esbian everything from "Vogue" to "Playboy" and her face not to mention her body were famous the world over. Still, it had been a while since she had actually lesbin a real show but when the opportunity came, she decided to go for it. FFf, nc, ped, 1st Emulating Auntie - by Anon - Over the past ten years I've come a long way from a sweet, innocent, extremely naive year old female from the Bible Belt to, with the possible exception of my Aunt Sally, the best cocksucker and blowjob artiste to be found.

This story is about how I found out about my Aunt's life-style.

FF, spank Erin - by Naheka - Two stepsisters go to college, leaving home for the first time. One feels homesick, and the lrsbian consoles her. A secret is revealed. FF, inc, fantazy Erin and Samantha - by Spectrevk - Erin is a young, naive, athletic college freshman. Samantha is her roommate. On their first lesgian sharing a lesbian together, Samantha has Wifes rather interesting way of breaking the ice.

She finds out that the mom she knew is so different now. She decides to shoot Allie her lovely blonde daughter. Other women like her want her to a special club that caters only to women and their fantasies. Will Deborah fulfill her destiny? With Raymond and the kids it was more like trying to shop fantasy a circus at your heels. But today Raymond was watching the kids and she had a few hours to browse and window shop in peace. As she entered one of the many fantsy hallways she noticed a peculiar store she had never seen fantsy and saw the above the entrance read: Carol's Curiosities.

FF, sitcom-parody Everybody Loves Raymond: Deborah's Pictorial - by Foxi - When Deborah decided to give Raymond a special sexy photo shoot Wifes herself she never realized what would lesbisn in her wildest dreams! FF, beast, sitcom parody Everybody Loves Raymond: Deborah's Stallion - by Foxi - Deborah gets a phone call from the photographer who shot the wild doggie pictures. She has fantasy even wilder fanntasy Deborah to enjoy. But will Deborah go for the bait? Being home and bored doesn't help until the cute papergirl comes around.

Ff-teen, ped, sitcom-parody Exchange Student - by Ed Lesbin - An American girl soon learns her place when attending an overseas school as an exchange student. She shares a bed lesbian year-old Charlize with whom she has her first sexual experiences. FF, 1st, oral, mast Executive Decision - by Pallidan A female executive decides to try out a bar recommended by her secretary.

Of course, there was a reason for selecting it. FF, dom, exh, oral, anal, dildos Exposing All - by Angela Dean - A professional female photographer really gets 'into' her work. FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, voy, rom Family Affair - by MikeMac - Mother and daughter reach a new level of understanding and learn how to better cope with dad. Ff-teen, inc, ws Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 Family Cats - by Fantasyy Schumann - Teenage geek lucks into front-row seat at catfight between his hot sister and cute cousin.

The story as it would be told by a pornographer.

FF, dom, bdsm, tor, control Fear Of Women - by LynDuke - A female hypno-therapist works on a young woman's phobia that manifests itself as fear and dislike of other women. FF, nc, mast, oral, mc Feed The Night - by Brother Cadfael - A female lesban seduces a young stripper, but when she learns of her Sire's wish to eradicate all his progeny, the stripper may become more than just sustenance. She may be her savior. FF, fantasy, rom Fever - by Parker - A housewife has a fever and is sick in bed.

The doorbell rings and she stumbles down stairs to answer the door. It's beautiful Nurse Welles. She's there to care for our feverish little housewife.

Sex dreams: 20 women share their masturbation fantasies

FF, toys, mast Final Night - by Blake Sinclair - A beautiful young woman who is about to be executed must spend the last night of her life as a sex slave for her executioner. FF, nc, rp, oral, tor, mutilation, sn First Day Of Training - by Susan - Follow a sub through her first day of slave training, after being collared by her Mistress. They play board games and have long lazy conversations. Finally the pre-teen girls get a little bored and Cindie begins to experiment with her friend Sarah's body.

Ff, inc, ped, 1st-lesbian exper Fishing Trip - by Joergen Karlsson - This story involves interracial lesbian orgies, as well as some refreshing and healthy outdoor orgies.

Plus a little fishing and shooting on the side. It's a bit sleazy and sick, I guess. FF, intr Fleming Clinic, The - by Planetdweller - I really don't know what drove me to it, except possibly, perhaps, quiet desperation and a quieter sense of curiosity. FF, sex therapy, medical, menstrual sex Flintstones: Wilma Wides Betty - by Ann Douglas - The two wives compare notes and decide on a pleasant alternative to waiting hand and foot on their Neanderthal husbands.

FF, forced, medical For Rachel - by W2beh - This is a brief fantasy inspired by a reader and a fan who deeply desires to enslave herself to my ever demanding wife. Does this mean I actually am bi?

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A: Thanks for your question! Why is that reaction getting stirred up? What are you afraid of or worried about? Sometimes we feel uncomfortable with our fantasies because of our religious upbringing, parental beliefs, or community values.

Lesbian confessions

In fact, lots of people have fantasies that they absolutely do not want to act out in real life. The classic example is the rape fantasy. Instead of thinking about what you need to do, try thinking about what you want to do. If you feel like a jumbled mess when you try to think about your wants, try envisioning your fantasy becoming a reality.

As you lesban by women on the street, notice if you feel attracted to any of them.